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March 2018 Notices     Go back to Notices
29 The Partner’s Status As A Covered Employee Form IC-04 has been posted to the Commission website on the Insurance, Compliance and Reporting page, Forms section. The form is to be used for a partner(s) to indicate his/her intention regarding being a covered employee pursuant to § 9-219 of the Labor and Employment Article.
19 Mobile device/smartphone apps for the NCCI Online Workers' Compensation Coverage Verification Service (CVS) will be unsupported effective May 2018.  Mobile users will access the site via their smartphone/tablet web browser.  You can create a shortcut to the CVS on your device's home screen. To create the short-cut: open a browser on your device, enter and add the shortcut to your phone’s home screen.
The CVS icon  should then appear on your device home screen. You can then click the icon to open the browser to the CVS page automatically. 

Pursuant to COMAR, an attorney wishing to practice before the Commission SHALL register for WFMS Online Services in accordance with COMAR The new Regulation is effective on March 12, 2018.
All attorneys not currently registered with WFMS Online Services must register with the Commission immediately.

Pursuant to COMAR (A), claims by represented claimants SHALL be filed electronically through the WFMS. Attorneys Must begin filing claims through WFMS effective March 12, 2018.

Effective immediately, new attorney registrations will no longer require a registration fee.  See the Attorney Registration page for more.
Revised Form – Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees and Costs (H-44 Revised 03/2018) - The form has been revised to reflect the changes to COMAR and, which are effective March 12, 2018.
A fillable PDF form is available on the website. The PDF-fillable form may be found on the Forms and Instructions page.
We do not not accept form filing via email/attachment or fax. Please begin using the new form immediately.
Revised Form – Request to Strike Appearance of Counsel (C-25R Revised 03/2018) - The form has been revised to reflect the changes to COMAR, which are effective as of March 12, 2018.
The revised form, Notice to Withdraw Appearance, is available for Online Services subscribers only as an online form.
A fillable PDF form is available on the website for the use by of non-subscribers only. The PDF-fillable form may be found on the  Forms and Instructions page.
We do not accept form filing via email/attachment or fax. Please begin using the new form immediately.
2 Updating Courtroom AV equipment - new requirements to play videos
The Commission is in the process of replacing the televisions in our courtrooms with flat-screen televisions. We will also be replacing the DVD/VCR players with Peerless-AV PeerAir HDS300 Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display Systems. This new technology will allow the Commission to better adapt to changing technology and video formats.

All media will now be played from your laptop computer. You will connect your computer to the Peerless system via either HDMI or VGA cable and the Peerless system will then display your computer on the flat-screen television for viewing. A laptop with software to play your video(s) is required for the videos to be played on the courtroom television. The Peerless system does not contain a “player;” it is simply a mechanism to transmit your computer display to the television. Files on a USB drive will need to be plugged into your computer to be played. Please make sure any files you intend to show will play correctly on your computer. HDMI and VGA cables, as well as Thunderbolt Mini Display Port DP convertors for Apple laptops, will be provided by the Commission.

We are rolling out this new technology in phases and the scheduled install dates for the Peerless system by location is as follows:

Peerless system available (connect your laptop to the courtroom television to play videos)
Abingdon – January 26, 2018
Baltimore – February 28, 2018
Frederick – March 16, 2018
Beltsville – March 22, 2018
Cambridge – March 27, 2018
LaPlata – March 29, 2018