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June 2016 We are closed Monday 7/04/16.
May 2016 Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance (“LUA”) insolvent; The Settlement Worksheet is revised, effective immediately; Video of our Opioids in Workers' Compensation Symposium is available.
April 2016 Procedures - Change of Venue.
March 2016 Our Appeals page is updated; Opioids Symposium at capacity; 2015 MWCEA Porth Award; Procedure- Request to Withdraw Issues and Filing “New” Issues; Appellate Practice: Petition for Judicial Review/Record on Appeal; Opioids in the Workplace symposium.
February 2016 Claimant Request for Change of Address (WCC form H31R 01/2016) is revised; March Opioids in Workers' Compensation symposium; We are closed Monday 2/15/16.
January 2016 Our Medical Fee Guide is updated; WCC form C-10 is now a subscriber WebForm; Appeals Rules Effective 07/01/2015; Required use of Request for Transcript form; We are closed 1/01/16 and 1/18/16.
December 2015 Regulatory Changes - Responsibilities of Insurers; CY2016 MFG materials are posted; Regulatory changes- and; We are closed 12/15/15 and 1/01/16.
November 2015 CY 2016 MFG MSCF info is posted; Interpreter Services - multiple needs; FY2015 Annual Report is available; AWW effective January 2016; We are closed November 11th, 26th & 27th.
October 2015 Memorial Mass for Marjorie Rue Aumann (Brine); New Form: Insurer’s Termination of Medical Benefits WCC form C-10, MWCEA conference 10/04-07/2015; We are closed 10/12/15 for Columbus Day.
September 2015 ICD-10 effective October 1st; The Prescription Drug Study survey is now available; We are closed 9/07/15 for Labor Day.
August 2015 Proposed changes: COMAR &; We are closed 9/07/15 for Labor Day; Passing of Roxanne Pitts, Executive Director, UEF; Medical Fee Guide Committee meeting location change.
July 2015 2016 COLA; New & revised Insurance, Compliance & Reporting forms; Regulatory changes; We are closed Friday, July 3rd.
June 2015 The Medical Fee Guide Committee meets Monday 8/17/15; We are closed Friday, July 3rd.
May 2015 Passing of Samuel K. Rensin, Esquire; Notice - Frivolous proceedings; We are closed May 22nd & 25th.
April 2015 No Notices
March 2015 The Commission is pleased to welcome its newest Commissioner, Kathleen A. Evans; The Court of Appeals formally adopted proposed changes to judicial review rules for the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
February 2015 The Settlement Worksheet H-07 is revised; We are closed Monday, February 16th in observance of Presidents' Day.
January 2015 Revised form - Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum and Subpoena Duces Tecum for Medical Record; We are closed Monday, January 19th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.