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VR Continuing Education/Training Certification Info

Organizations and Rehabilitation Service Practitioners

Maryland law
(LE-9-671, LE 9-6A-18) 
mandates that practitioners must be certified or registered before providing vocational rehabilitation services to a Maryland injured worker. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for more than three (3) injured workers per year are required to be certified with the Workers' Compensation Commission. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for three (3) or less injured workers per year are required to be registered with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

Rehabilitation Services Practitioner Training

Attention Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners:

Effective March 01, 2024, the Commission will no longer offer MCRSP training. Practitioners may obtain six (6) of the twelve (12) CEUs over the three-year period by attending the MWCEA Annual Conference (2 credit hours per year).
CEUs may also be obtained by attending seminars or workshops provided by other organizations that are approved by the Commission. It is highly recommended that you get approval before taking any courses.
Continuing Education Credits Pre-Approval Request Form & Info link

UPDATED MCRSP Renewal Procedures: Renewal is based on acceptance of the submitted application, compliance with the rules, regulations, and standards of practice of the Practitioner's licensing Commission or Board and documentation of the completion of twelve (12)  continuing education credits since the date of the practitioner's most recent registration or renewal. Six (6) credits of CEUs shall be in training or information classes given or approved by the Commission.

For 2023 renewals, please click this link to access the current 80 slide MCRSP training. Upon completion of the training, you have access to the MCRSP quiz link located on the last page. A score of 70% is required to pass the quiz. If unsuccessful, you may retake the quiz. There is no waiting period or limit for retakes.

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