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VR Continuing Education/Training Certification Info

Organizations and Rehabilitation Service Practitioners

Maryland law
(LE-9-671, LE 9-6A-18) 
mandates that practitioners must be certified or registered before providing vocational rehabilitation services to a Maryland injured worker. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for more than three (3) injured workers per year are required to be certified with the Workers' Compensation Commission. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for three (3) or less injured workers per year are required to be registered with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

MCRSP/ Rehabilitation Services Practitioner Training/Workshops

NOTICE: The Commission will not host any on-site workshops/informational meetings; however, the Commission offers its MCRSP Practitioner workshop on-line.  The on-line course may be taken to satisfy the yearly workshop or information meeting requirement specified by WCC rules and regulation in order to maintain status as a Workers' Compensation rehabilitation provider for workers' compensation cases in Maryland.
Please log-in to CompHub to go to the MCRSP Training Workshop

Questions about the online workshop and test requirements may be sent to

MCRSP Vocational Rehabilitation Meeting Information for WCC Vocational Rehabilitation Providers.

  1. The Rehabilitation Providers' Mandatory Training Program - To qualify for renewal of the Maryland Certified Rehabilitation Service Practitioner (MCRSP), practitioners are required to participate in a yearly informational meeting/training conducted by the Commission. These meetings are mandated under COMAR LE (3) (ii).
  2. Continuing Education Credits Request Form and Information sheet:
    Six (6) credits of CEUs must be obtained through WCC mandatory training programs.  An additional six (6) CEUs must be obtained by attending seminars or workshops by other organizations that are approved by the Commission. All CEU credits must be acquired within the three-year certification period.  The form can be used for all programs whether by organizations or individuals submitting for approval of a program.