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Read and follow all instructions before accessing our WebForms.
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  Updated 11/2016
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Employer's First Report of Injury (FROI) IAIABC 1A-1 (WCC # SF-1) is filed by the employer or their workers' compensation insurance carrier.  The injured worker will file the Employee Claim Form C-1.
Required form: Code of Maryland, Labor and Employment 9'707

A First Report of Injury (FROI) must be filed by the employer/insurer with the Workers' Compensation Commission.  In accordance with COMAR ' Commission Forms, the Commission only accepts the FROI form prepared by and issued by the Commission, form IA-1 (r 1-1-02).

The fields Type of Injury/Illness, Date of Death (if applicable) and Initial Treatment must be completed and are required by Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH), a unit of the Division of Labor & Industry. If these and all other required fields are not complete or on a form other than the Commission's, the FROI will be returned. Please see the complete list of acceptable WCIO Type of Injury/Illness codes link below.  These fields are provided on our online FROI.

Instructions & Information

Medical/Provider: Surgeon's Report ( WCC # SF-2)
Complete the online form (all fields require input) and submit it to the Workers' Compensation Commission by selecting the Submit button on the electronic form.  You may print/save the completed form after submission.  An email address is required to submit the form.  A receipt of form or notice of failure will be sent to the email address entered on the form.  All general information pertinent WCC WebForms on this page or other instructions included with specific forms are applicable.

All  WebForms require Formatta Filler software.  WebForms include a "Submit" button actually submit the required form and data to the Commission/WCC online via your Internet connection.   You cannot save a "copy" of a blank online WebForm to your PC for re-use.  The form must be selected from the WCC web page each time a form is submitted.  Each form in assigned a unique name with each request.  A saved completed WebForm cannot be re-submitted.  Completed WebForms can be saved for viewing or printing at any time but saved forms are viewed ONLY in Formatta Filler.  You cannot view the form in other software/programs/applications. send a copy of the submitted/completed form to the Commission.  Forms that require or indicate that copies be sent to other parties are your responsibility to print and mail to such parties.  WebForms do not change this form requirement, the WCC will not send copies of the WebForm to the required parties.  You must Print and/or Save your form after submission since you will no longer have access to the completed form after you have closed Formatta Filler.

 WebForms' requirements are the same as paper forms submitted to the WCC.  WebForms have and meet the same legal requirements as hardcopy forms submitted.  If a form certification requires that you send a copy to all parties, you must print the form and send copies to all parties in the claim or as prescribed in the form instructions or certification of service.

Like most web-based forms, WebForms will proceed through the available data input fields.  As much as possible, the form will pre-populate with the indicated claim data from the WCC claim database.  As much as possible, the input fields will validate the information you enter- if selecting "yes" or "no" indicates you must explain or provide more information, you cannot submit the form without input into the "required" field.  Each input field will display an "information bubble" or tip when your cursor is in the field to explain the information requirements.

You must enter a valid email address on the form.  This will send a confirmation receipt with the form ID number, date and time to the indicated email indicating that the form has successfully submitted to the MD WCC.  When ready to "submit" the form to the WCC: verify the form information, select "Submit".  The results of a successful submission will display the completed form with a "time stamp" and your email address.

Problems or difficulties should be sent to Websupport via email: