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Frequently Asked Questions  

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Commission and our processes.  Please select a topic from the menu below to view information and contacts for that subject.  Contact us: General Information/Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) Claim Info: (410) 864-5100, Outside Baltimore Metro Area Toll Free: 1 (800) 492- 0479  or

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A county or incorporated municipality may elect to have the provisions of the death benefits law, specifically LE 9-683.1 through 9-683.5, apply to their public safety presumption employees.  Get more information here.


Please note that the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Workers' Compensation Programs OWCP administers four major programs including: the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, the Federal Employees' Compensation Program, the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Program and the Black Lung Benefits Program.  The OWCP provides wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to federal workers or their dependents who are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease,  Their web site is

How long will it take for my claim form to be processed?

  • When the claim form is fully completed with no information missing, it takes us approximately 2 business days from the date we receive it to process the claim. An incomplete form may be returned for missing information such as: claimant signatures, employer information or other required information.

I received my document back for missing information. Can I call and give you the missing information?

  • No, we can not alter any document by inserting information for you.  Please complete the form as indicated in the form's instructions or accompanying notice sent with the returned form and mail the form back to the Commission.  Any questions regarding any WCC form's requirements can be answered by an MD WCC Public Service representative via telephone during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. excluding State holidays) (410) 864-5100, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free: 1 (800) 492- 0479, Maryland Relay for the hearing impaired Dial 711 in Maryland or (800) 735-2258 .

What is the status of my claim?

  • You may obtain claim status information in various ways:
    • Subscribe to our CompHub portal
    • Check your claim status online via our Public Claim Data Inquiry.
    • By telephone, you can access claim information from our automated IVR system at any time or speak with a Public Service representative during normal business hours.
      Our telephone numbers are: (410) 864-5100.
      Outside Baltimore Metro area toll free: 1 (800) 492- 0479, Maryland Relay for the hearing impaired Dial 711 in Maryland or (800) 735-2258

When will my order go out and when will I receive my check?

  • When the Order is issued, it enters our digital document management process and is mailed the same day to parties in the claim, including the employer and their insurer.  All parties must comply with the Order. If wage replacement or other benefits are to be paid, the employer or their insurer will pay the benefits. If you are registered for electronic notifications you will receive an order quickly after it is issued. Benefit checks are not issued by the Commission.

My claim's settlement has been signed, when will I receive a payment?

  • The Commission does not make payments, however, Commission orders may direct the clai Employer and/or Insurer to make payments. The employer or its insurer shall begin paying compensation to the covered employee within 15 days after the later of the date: an award is made or payment of an award is due.
    If you have a question about payment status and you are represented by counsel, contact your attorney. If you have a question about payment status and you are not represented by counsel, contact the Insurance Adjuster handling your claim.  If you do not have their contact information, please see the Insurer Designee list posted on our web.

What is a Medicare Set-Aside?
Medicare Set-Aside informational materials - January/February 2010

HEARINGSBack to menu

What information is included on a hearing notice?

  •  All parties in the Workers' Compensation Commission's claim data (see below).
  •  Date, time and location of the hearing.
  •  When a case is set on a special issue, such as a rehearing or lump sum settlement, it will be noted above the hearing date on the left side of the hearing notice.

How can I tell the roles of all of the parties listed on the hearing notice?

  • The order in which the parties are listed on the hearing notice document is significant. Begin by reading from left to right, line by line as shown in the following example:

What should I do if a name is missing or appears incorrectly on the hearing notice?

  • Verify if the implead, correction or entry of appearance were filed before or after the date the hearing notice was created.

  • If the problem is with an employer/insurer attorney name, verify the employer/insurer attorney's entry of appearance was re-filed after an employer/insurer correction is filed.  If you can verify all of the above, then contact the WCC Claims Division via telephone: (410) 864-5100, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479;selecting extension 5100 when prompted or via email:

When will my withdraw issues, continuance, and/or postponement request be acted upon?

  • If the request was filed 10 or more days prior to the hearing date, then you should receive a decision at least 5 days before the hearing date.  If the request was submitted over ten days ago and you have not received notice of a decision or if the hearing date is within a day or two, then contact the Hearing Division at 410-864-5306 or via email: 

My attorney will not return my calls, but I need to talk to someone about my claim.

  • The Commission cannot provide legal advice, only general information.

How can I contact the Hearing Division?

  • Contact the Hearing Division at (410) 864-5112, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5306 when prompted or via email:



How do I change my address or contact information?

  • If you are a claimant or an attorney representing a claimant in a Workers' Compensation case and wish to change a claimant's address, please complete a "Claimant's Request for Change of Address" via CompHub  This change must be submitted for each claim.
  • If you are an attorney practicing before the Workers' Compensation Commission you are subscribed to CompHub and will change your address by updating your User Profile.  Do not submit a paper form for your information change; you will need to update any Employer Designee information via the Request for Employer Designee to Receive Notice of Employee Claims form as below.
  • If you are the Designee for an Employer please complete a new "Request for Employer Designee to Receive Notice of Employee Claims" on CompHub listing all of the employers. This change affects the mailing address for all of your claims for your registered employers only.
  • If you are an employer wishing to change your address please complete an "Employer or Self Insured Employer Request for Change of Address" form (H-22R). This change affects the mailing address for all of your claims.
  • If you are an insurer wishing to change your address please complete an "Insurer Request for Change of Address" on CompHub. This change affects the mailing address for all of your claims.

How can I contact WCC with a question about annual insurer assessments, the annual Report of Payroll A-02 or a bill from the Commission?

  • Contact WCC Fiscal Services at (410) 864-5257, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5257 when prompted  or via email:

How can I contact WCC with a question about mail service?

  • Contact WCC Mail Services at 410-864-5264 , outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5263 when prompted  or via email:
  • Subscribed to our CompHub Portal?  Eligible subscribers can receive notices and other correspondence via email and our portal.

How do I know if something I mailed was received?

  • Please contact our Public Service Section. Our Mail Services Center does not record all individual incoming mail.  Only U.S. Postal Service Certified mail or others requiring a Mail Center staff signature are recorded.


How can I contact WCC with a question about career opportunities, internships or employee benefits?

  • Contact WCC Personnel at 410-864-5230, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5230 when prompted or via email:
    Current jobs available at the Commission can be found on the State of Maryland Jobs page: Employment Opportunities

How can I contact WCC with a technical question or problem using this web site?

How can I find more information about subscribing to CompHub?


How do I obtain a copy of my transcript from my workers' compensation hearing?

  • Copies of transcripts are available from the Court Reporting Division.  The Division requires all requests be made on the Request For Transcript form WCC H-50 ( V. 4/2014).  The completed form may be faxed to 410-864-5181, emailed to, or mailed to Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission
    Attn: Court Reporting Division, 10 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202.  Please note that the Request for Transcript form is the ONLY form that can be faxed or emailed to the Commission

Who is the WCC court reporter that reported (transcribed) my case?

  • If prior to requesting a transcript in writing you need specific information, such as the name of the court reporter who reported the hearing or the correct date of a hearing, you may contact the Division by phone, e-mail, or FAX.  Via telephone (410) 864-5182, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 entering 5182 when prompted. Via email:  Our FAX is (410) 864-5181 (no documents for filing in a WCC claim are accepted via FAX transmission or email attachment).

An appeal has been filed in the Circuit Court.  What do I need to do to have the transcript prepared and forwarded to all parties and the Court?

  • After an appeal has been filed at the Circuit Court, the Court notifies the Commission that an appeal has been received. Once the Commission receives the notice the reporter is put on notice by the Appeals Division that an appeal has been filed in that case and that a transcript needs to be prepared.

  • The first petitioner shall file with the Court Reporter Division a written request that the transcript be prepared containing:

    • The Commission case number;

    • The date and place of the Commission hearing;

    • The circuit court case number if known;

    • The name of the first petitioner; and

    • An acknowledgement that the first petitioner shall pay the cost of transcription.

    Why hasn't the transcript been filed with the Circuit Court?

    • There are several reasons why a transcript has not been filed in an appellate case:
      • A reporter may not have received notice of the appeal

      • An extension may have been granted in the appeal giving extra time in which to file a transcript

      • The reporter may have sent an advance letter to appealing party and received no response

      • The first petitioner may not have formally requested the transcript be prepared.

    • If there are any questions relating to why a transcript has not been forwarded to the Circuit Court you may contact the Court Reporting Division or the Appeals Division.

    How long will it take to obtain a copy of a transcript? 

    • Appeal transcripts are usually completed within 60 days of the first notice to the Commission by the Court that an appeal has been entered.  A party may request an extension of time up to an additional 60 days (120 days total) in which to file the transcript.  A transcript ordered for non-appeals are usually completed within 30 days of the request.  The reporters will strive to complete expedited and rush transcripts when requested.

    For what length of time are transcripts available?

    • Currently, transcripts are available for up to 15 years from the date of the hearing.   Please allow extra time when ordering old transcripts.
SELF-INSURANCE (Insurance Compliance & Reporting)Back to menu

How can I contact WCC with a question about self-insurance requirements or insurer compliance reports?

  • Contact the Insurance Compliance & Reporting Division via telephone, (410) 864-5298, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5298 when prompted or via email:

How do I obtain a Certificate of Compliance for my business licensing requirements?

  • The Application for Certificate of Compliance is posted on our CompHub portal.
  •  For additional questions, please Contact the Certificate of Compliance Coordinator via email: or via telephone, (410) 864-5297 [outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5297 when prompted].
APPEALS (In the Circuit Court)Back to menu

How does a pro se claimant (claimant not represented by an attorney) get information on how to file a Circuit Court appeal of a Workers' Compensation Commission decision?

  • Parties have thirty days from the date of mailing the order to file an appeal.  If unclear of the timeline of the Commission order, parties should contact our Appeals Department .  Parties should contact the Circuit Court in the jurisdiction where the appeal should be filed to request specific information on the procedures of filing the appeal.

How do I determine where to file a Petition for Judicial Review?

  • A person shall file a Petition for Judicial Review with the circuit court for the county where:
    •  the covered employee resides
    • the employer has its principal place of business; or
    • the accidental personal injury, compensable hernia, or last injurious exposure to the hazards of the occupational disease occurred.

When can I use a Cover Sheet For Action On Claims On Appeal?

  • When a circuit court order is being submitted.  CompHub subscribed attorneys must submit via CompHub

Can I use a Cover Sheet For Action On Claims On Appeal for other Workers’ Compensation documents?

  • No. The Cover Sheet For Action On Claims On Appeal should not be used to submit Settlements, Stipulations, Claimant’s Consent To Pay Fees or any other document that is not a circuit court order or docket entries because it will not be routed to the correct location to be reviewed and processed.

How can I contact the WCC Appeals Division?

  • Contact Appeals via email: or  410-8645112 during business hours Monday-Friday 8am - 4:30pm excluding state holidays.

Who may receive vocational rehabilitation services and when?

  • A disabled covered employee may be qualified for vocational rehabilitation if the individual's injury is severe enough to keep the individual from returning to his or her former occupation at the time of the injury. The employer would be responsible for the costs of rehabilitation services including: vocational testing, resume and interview services, job placement, job training, job placement, and continuing payment of wages during the period that the disabled-covered-employee is in vocational rehabilitation.

    What happens during and in the course of vocational rehabilitation?
    When all parties agree that vocational rehabilitation is appropriate or the Commission orders it, vocational rehabilitation services usually include a comprehensive vocational assessment or vocational evaluation that usually assist the parties to determine what path to take in the vocational rehabilitation program. After completing an assessment and evaluation, the parties will come up with a vocational rehabilitation plan.

Who helps the disabled covered employee with determining the best rehabilitation program?

  • A vocational rehabilitation practitioner/counselor who is verified and registered as a Maryland Workers' Compensation Service Practitioner with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

    The main goal of vocational rehabilitation is to return the disabled-covered-employee to "suitable gainful employment". The vocational counselor will work with the injured worker and the attorney in developing a plan. The plan will include a proposal for job placement, job development, and/or vocational training. The completion of aptitude testing and career testing will help determine what type of job(s) may be appropriate for the employee. Functional Capacity Exams (FCEs) will assist to determine the physical or functional level of the employee. The employee will be tested on lifting, walking, sitting, and standing situations. These tests will help the vocational practitioner/counselor determine what "suitable gainful employment" would be appropriate for this employee.

What happens if the injured worker disagrees with the vocational rehabilitation counselor's decision regarding his or her vocational rehabilitation plan?

  • If a party disagrees on any aspect of the vocational rehabilitation plan, the disagreeing party should contact the opposing party and provide reasons for their disagreement; we encourage the parties to resolve these issues on their own. If the parties cannot resolve the issues regarding the plan on their own, the parties must file the Disagreement with Proposed Vocational Rehabilitation Plan on CompHub. Upon submission, a hearing will be scheduled with the Commission through the normal process.

Do vocational rehabilitation practitioners have guidelines, rules, and regulations that they must follow when providing vocational rehabilitation services?

  • Yes. Registered Workers' Compensation vocational rehabilitation practitioners/providers must adhere to Maryland Workers' Compensation Law LE 9-671 through 9-765 when providing vocational rehabilitation services. COMAR 14.09.07 provides rules and regulations related to vocational rehabilitation; such as 1) Contact with injured workers, 2) The vocational rehabilitation hierarchy of services to follow when providing vocational rehabilitation services, 3) Reporting requirements for vocational rehabilitation providers, and 4) Ethical guidelines for vocational rehabilitation counselors and evaluators. All rehabilitation practitioners must register through the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Unit to provide services to any disabled-covered-employees. See our Vocational Rehabilitation Certification and Registration information page at Voc Rehab Registration/Certification.

Does the injured worker get to choose his/her own vocational rehabilitation practitioner/counselor?

  • The parties (disabled covered employee and insurer) must sign an agreement on the selected vocational practitioner (counselor) and vocational provider (company) to provide vocational rehabilitation services. When the disabled covered employee and any Employer/Insurer agree upon a selected practitioner/provider, the parties must submit an Agreement on the Propriety of Services and Selection of Practitioner with the Commission via CompHub.

    No services regarding vocational rehabilitation may begin until that form has been filed with the Commission and the practitioner has received a copy of the agreement.

How can I contact the WCC Vocational Rehabilitation Division?

  • Contact the Vocational Rehabilitation Division via telephone (410) 864-5320, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5320 when prompted or via email:
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What happens when an injured worker cannot find a medical provider in their area to provide medical treatment?

  • In Maryland, medical providers can be selected by the injured worker; however, if they cannot find a medical provider in their area who is willing to provide medical treatment (who is willing to accept the rules of the Medical Fee Guide), it is often suggested that parties should consider contacting the employer/insurer for suggestions for medical providers in their area. The insurer is most likely to have data listing participating medical providers in the various regions of the State, based on their payment records.

Are there timelines in which an employer/insurer has to pay or provide justification for denying a medical claim?

  • Maryland Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Guide (MFG) regulations define the submission of bills from the medical provider to the employer/insurer, the forms required, timeliness for payment of medical claims and penalties for untimely reimbursement. This is specified in the Medical Fee Guide regulations text posted to our Medical Fee Guide information page.

How does a provider find the values for treatment/procedures performed to bill the employer/insurer?

  • This information and resources are posted to the Medical Fee Guide information page.

Do medical providers need to register or be certified by the WCC to treat the injured worker in Maryland?

  • No, medical providers are not required to be registered or certified by the WCC.

Where is the MD WCC pharmacy/Rx, dental and prosthetics/DME fee schedule?  How do I price for these items under your regulations?

  • The MD WCC MFG has never priced durable medical equipment (DME), prescriptions/pharmaceuticals (Rx) or dental procedures; however, medical providers should bill what is usual and customary: "An insurance carrier may base the assigned value on nationally recognized and published relative value studies, or on the values assigned for services involving similar work and resources."  Providers are supposed to have one price for all patients regardless of what they get paid by different payers. If there is a disagreement in the payment, the bill should be submitted to the Commission for review via the Claim for Medical Services,C-51 via CompHub.

Does your fee schedule (MFG) require NCCI edits for billing?  What about other CMS policies not listed in your MFG regulations?

  • The MFG does not require NCCI edits for billing and generally does not require many CMS policies that are not referenced in our MFG regulations.

How can I contact the WCC Medical Division?

  • Contact the Medical Division via telephone (410) 864-5320, outside Baltimore Metro area toll free (800) 492-0479 selecting extension 5320 when prompted or  via email:
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