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web services overview page

  • WFMS is an Internet-based service offered to our customers (the parties in a workers' compensation claim) to facilitate official and authorized business with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

  • Eligible subscribers (see below) can file forms, obtain claim information and view appropriate claim documents.  Each service is customized and secured by the subscriber's role, a party or non-party, in a workers' compensation claim.  Healthcare Provider has no online form service at this time.

  • If you are not eligible to be a subscriber you may still access basic claim information from our Public Claim Data Inquiry search.  WFMS Subscriber Services utilize a similar a interface and conventions as the basic claim search.

Application for subscription to the WFMS is required.  Access to claim-related forms and materials is determined by the subscriber's appearance as a party in a claim.   Every applicant must have a UNIQUE and valid email address (is accessed solely by the subscriber).

The posted online Terms of Service agreement 
outlines acceptable and prohibited activity and may be changed/ updated at any time as needed.

Subscribers must use current contemporary, supported web browsers. Internet Explorer version 7.x or newer is supported and recommended for best results;see our Subscriber HELP! page browser details. Available services may not function with alternative Internet browsers. Our online WebForms require Formatta Filler software, available currently only for MS Windows.

For security purposes all subscriber activity is logged, including IP address; all information transmitted is encrypted. The results of claim information and claim document inquiries are printable from the browser.  Each subscriber is responsible for the privacy and security of all content once presented on their personal computer or device. 

Access to WFMS services is a premium/privilege. Compliance with all terms and policies are required to qualify and maintain active status.  
A subscriber MAY NOT under any circumstances share their username or password with anyone.  Sharing or delegating WFMS access is strictly prohibited by the posted Terms of Service and subjects an offender to any/all stated penalties including, but not limited to, revocation of access.

Eligible Online Service Subscriber Roles

Attorney Subscribers

Attorney Proxy Subscriptions

Insurer Subscribers Insurer Delegate Subscribers
Healthcare Provider Healthcare Provider Delegate

Online WebForms

 Legal requirements - Terms of Service
Our Subscriber HELP! page for more support information


Public access to documents is also available at the WCC Baltimore City Public Service office.  Claim status information may be obtained via telephone utilizing the automated voice-response system (IVR) 24x7 or by speaking with a Public Service representative during normal business hours. COMAR establishes our hours of business: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excepting legal holidays.

  • ALL questions about WFMS Online Services or subscriptions must be emailed to   The Commission's administrative and Public Service staff do not provide technical or informational support for WFMS via email or telephone.

  • All subscribers must notify WFMS Websupport immediately of any violation of the Online Terms of Services agreement or WFMS security by any other subscriber, subordinate subscriber or any other party who may obtain possession of subscriber access information (user name/password).