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Our Online Services are designed to maximize efficiency in your dealings with the Commission.  Subscribed attorneys and subscribed legal support staff (Attorney Proxy) can access claim documents, file forms and research prior claims via their Internet connection and any Personal Computer (PC).  Fewer paper forms are needed and our eNotice service lets you view current Commission Notices and communications in your claims while online.


  • A current, valid WCC Attorney Code, completed online ATTORNEY application and in-person identity validation are required for an attorney to access our WFMS Online Services.

    • Until further notice, Online Services identity validations are conducted by our Public Service office via telephone and other electronic communications.  The process will require a valid government issued photo ID.  Hours are Mon-Fri 8a-4:30p excluding State holidays.  Questions about a pending Attorney application should present to 0r (410) 864-5100, selecting "0" when prompted.

    • There is no acceptable alternative to the one-time physical presentation for identity validation.  This is accomplished at the WCC Public Service Division, 10 East Baltimore Street or via a scheduled appointment with a WCC Court Reporter at one of our Regional Hearing Sites.

    • To schedule at a Regional Site contact the Court Reporting Division via email (link here ) or via telephone (410) 864-5182.

  • Confirmation emails are sent at submission of the online application and after subscription activation -after identity validation.  Online Services are not available upon completion of the online application or ID validation; access is available only after all required steps are complete and the notice of active status email is received.

    • If your application is in "Pending" status, you have not met the requirements above.

    • After your ID validation you will receive an email notice of "Active" status within two (2) business days unless there is a problem.

    • If your application is "Denied" please contact us for an explanation.

    •   Applications are deleted 30 days after submission with no action.

    • Note that you may have only one (1) subscription per individual.  Subscriptions are not available for legal firms, only individual WCC-registered legal practitioners may apply as Online Services Attorney.

  • The information you provide on your online application and User Profile are the information used by the Commission for official mailings and contact.  Changes to your User Profile will always update your official contact information.

  • Every subscriber must have a UNIQUE and valid email address that MUST be accessible to receipt of WFMS Websupport emails (sent from

Access to claim-related documents and WebForms is based upon the INDIVIDUAL subscriber's WCC Attorney Code and their Appearance in each claim.

The posted Online User Services Agreement outlines acceptable and prohibited activity and may be changed or updated at any time.

  A subscriber MAY NOT under any circumstances share their username or password with anyone including their employer, support staff or co-workers.

  • Password resets are available to subscribers who are Active or Suspended.  The reset information is emailed to your registered email address (there is no option to send this information to another email address).  If your status is Revoked or you fail to maintain your current email address, please contact WFMS Websupport with complete details of your problem via email to

All subscriber activity is logged including IP address; all information transmitted via WFMS Online Services is encrypted. The results of claim information and claim document inquiries are printable from the PDF served to your web browser.  Each subscriber is responsible for the privacy and security of all accessed information and documents.  Adherence to all terms and policies is required to qualify for and maintain active status.

Attorney Proxy subscriptions
Active WFMS-subscribed attorneys have the option of selecting "Proxy" administrative or support staff located in their firm or office to access claim information or documents and submit on forms on their behalf.  The Attorney Proxy must complete the Attorney Proxy online application After the Attorney proxy has completed and submitted the online application, the Attorney simply adds their registered email address into the box on their Proxy List page and selects "Add Proxy".

Attorneys may not designate another Attorney as a proxy.  A legal staff person in the Attorney's firm or office may be selected as an Attorney Proxy by/for multiple subscribed attorneys.  An Attorney Proxy has access to all claim documents, including non-public, in which an attorney's appearance is entered and may file appropriate online WebForms on behalf of their subscribed Attorneys who have selected them via the Proxy List feature available to the subscribed Attorney and all actions of the designated Attorney Proxy are the responsibility of the registered attorney.

Attorney Proxy designees MAY NOT use the Attorney's Online Services subscription/login. 
An Attorney Proxy MAY NOT use the Attorney's subscription/credentials to access Online Services.  This is a direct violation of the Terms of Service.  The Attorney Proxy MUST use their own individual Attorney Proxy subscription (user name/password) to access Online Services.

  • Proxy subscriptions have the same rules of conduct as a subscribed attorney, must have a unique email address and profile information.

  • Subscribed attorneys are responsible for the activities of their Proxy while logged on to WFMS and are culpable to the extent of suspension or termination of access for violations of the Online User Services Agreement.

  • Attorneys designating a Proxy are responsible for managing their Proxy list.
    A Proxy registration has NO access to WFMS services until a subscribed attorney personally enters the subscribed proxy via their "Add Proxy" menu button.  The subscribed attorney must update annually or terminate them if a Proxy is replaced or deleted from employ. 

  • Premium Attorney Proxy service: Two (2) designations are available to all active Attorney subscribers; additional designations may be requested but must be explained/validated by your business need and must be approved by the MD WCC.  Premium services cannot be utilized until the email request to is approved.  All approvals are acknowledged via email when the Premium service is active.  The service must be renewed annually via email request to  The Premium Service expiration date is available on the Attorney's User Profile Page.

    All subscribers must notify the WCC immediately of any violation of the Online User Services Agreement or WFMS security by any party who may obtain possession of subscriber access information (user name/password).