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Effective October 1, 2013, an employer that fails to secure compensation (workers' compensation insurance) for all covered employees may be subject to a penalty not to exceed $10,000. See Labor & Employment 9-407 (Labor and Employment 9-407 Failure to Insure). General questions regarding this law change may be directed to the Insurance, Compliance and Reporting Division via email or 410-864-5278.  Please be advised that the Commission does not dispense legal advice.
A county or incorporated municipality may elect to have the provisions of the death benefits law, specifically LE 9-683.1 through 9-683.5, apply to their public safety presumption employees.  Get more information here.

Forms cannot be filed by email/attachment or FAX; only original forms accessed from CompHub or hardcopy available herein, with original signatures are accepted.

Forms submitted to WCC must be current and as provided; altered, incomplete, unauthorized or obsolete forms are returned without processing.

Forms in the CompHub Portal

  • Insurer Request for Change of Address 

  • Request for Employer Designee to Receive Notice of Employee Claims

  • Application for Certificate of Compliance

  • Joint Election Form

  • Inclusion Form

  • Exclusion Form

PDF Based Forms Submitted as Hardcopy



Use of SERFF for WC Form Filings

  • Filers not yet using SERFF may enroll by contacting SERFF at 1-816-783-8787 or by e-mail at Insurers and other filers needing additional information about SERFF may visit Filers are encouraged to take formal training so they can fully utilize the SERFF system. Contact information regarding training can be found at the SERFF website at

  • Workers' compensation form filings must be made with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission. The Commission does not charge a filing fee for workers' compensation forms.
    Workers' compensation rate and rule filings must be made with the Maryland Insurance Administration, which also utilizes the SERFF platform.

  • Questions may be submitted in writing to the attention of State Workers' Compensation Commission, 10 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202 Attention - Stacey Roig, Director, Insurance, Compliance and Reporting Division, via email to or by calling Ms. Roig at 410-864-5298.

RELATED LAWS & REGULATIONS Access the complete Unannotated Code of Maryland and Rules via Lexis Nexis online to view the laws cited below. Workers' Compensation Commission COMAR (regulations) can also be found online- Link to COMAR Online, MD Secretary of State

  • Certificate of Compliance: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-105
  • Covered Employee: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-202
  • Site of Employment: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-203
  • Corporate or Limited Liability Company Officer: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-206
  • Sole Proprietor: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-227
  • Governmental Self-insurance Group: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-404
  • Self-insurance by Individual Employer: Code of Maryland, Labor & Employment Article 9-405:
  • Governmental Group Self-Insurance: COMAR through
  • Individual Employer Self-Insurer: COMAR through


Compliance Audit Procedures Guide (Attachment H)a reference material for self-insured employers and vendors that provide audit services to the Commission. The guide contains explanations regarding the completion of the IC-1 report as well as sample audit reports.

The MD WCC Employer's Posting Notice (form C-24)  English/Spanish PDF (325 KB).
The MD WCC Employers' Posting Notice is 8.5" X 14" and MUST be printed on 8.5" X 14" (legal size) goldenrod or yellow paper.  Default resolution for this printing is 600 dpi (dots per inch).  The statutory requirement is "as provided by the MD WCC", hence reduced size or otherwise altered reproductions from the original/default specifications will not constitute statutory compliance.  The Notice is to be posted in a conspicuous location at each worksite and must include the complete employer/insurer information in the lower left corner where indicated.