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Attorney registration information

This form is used to file a new registration application to practice before the Commission or for already-registered attorneys NOT subscribed to our WFMS Online Services to change their contact and mailing information.

  • Registered Attorneys are eligible for our Online Services.
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  • Subscribed attorneys will change their contact information via their Online Services Profile page.

  • Please indicate NEW or CHANGE on the form and envelope if you are mailing your registration application.

  • Your WCC Attorney Code must be included for all information changes.

  • DO NOT enter any number in the Attorney Code field for a NEW registration.

    • New registrations for a WCC Attorney Code are validated/verified via the Maryland State Bar Association and/or other relevant professional licensing entities.  When processed, a confirmation letter with the assigned code is mailed to the address provided on your application.

    •  ALL INDIVIDUALS who practice before the Commission are required to be registered.

  • A registration fee of $25.00 must be included with new registrations.  This fee must be either check or money order made payable to "Workers' Compensation Commission".  Information changes or updates do not require the processing fee.  This fee is one-time only for new registrations.

  • Please mail the completed form and registration fee (if applicable) to the address on the form.  You may also deliver the form to our Public Service office during normal business hours; it will not be processed on receipt.

  • Legal firms are not registered to practice before the Commission; all individual legal practitioners must register to be elgible.

NOTE:  The form and instructions are available at the links below in Adobe PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to complete and print the form, but does not support saving the completed form in a digital (PC) format.  You must print and mail the form to the Commission along with the $25.00 fee.  All attorneys practicing before the Commission are REQUIRED to have completed this registration process.    Handwritten, illegible or incomplete (including those without the fee) are returned without processing.

When printing this form in Adobe Reader, DISABLE "SHRINK OVERSIZED PAGES TO FIT PAPER SIZE" option in the print dialog box.

  1. DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS - Adobe  Reader PDF PLEASE Print the Instructions for your reference.

  2. DOWNLOAD THE FORM - Adobe Reader PDF Print and mail the completed form, include payment with new registrations.