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 WFMS Subscriber eNotice Information
  • eNotice lets Attorney subscribers choose email notification and page view of Commission Notices, Awards, etc.  instead of waiting for a paper copy in the mail.  60 days of Notices are listed on your eNotice page.
  • The eNotice email is sent before paper notices are mailed the following morning.

  • eNotice is activated or deactivated by the subscribed Attorney on their User Profile page.

  • eNotice does not replace the Certification of Service requirement that all parties in a claim must be served with copies of any Commission form by the submitting party.

    Any questions about the eNotice service can be sent to us via email:

Documents available with eNotice


  • Hearing Notice
  • Emergency Hearing Request Hearing Notice
  • Grant/Deny Postponement
  • Notice of Issue Filed
  • Notice of Withdrawn Issue(s)


  • Order (Award, Nisi, Final, Modification, Granting, Denying, etc.)
  •  Notice of Claim
  •  Notification to Insurer
  •  Notification to Employer for Insurance Information
  • Temporary Total
  • Claim Deferred
  • Insurance Correction (New)
  • Claim Withdrawn (New)


  • Notice Of Appeal Certification
  • Appeal Transmittal Letter
  • Notice Of Cross Appeal

eNotice is a single daily email digest of all Commission claim-related notices and a sortable list of sixty (60) calendar days of all Notices sent by the WCC.

Activate eNotice from the Notice Delivery selection on your User Profile page.

You can access the eNotice list from the eNotice "service button".  Only those subscribed to eNotice will have content on their eNotice page.  Once selected you will see only notices sent from that date forward.

Email notification of activity is sent to all active eNotice subscribers (see the sample email below).

The email can be forwarded to any subscribed support staff and they may use the list to view/print the documents; they cannot use the document links in the email.

eNotices are sent when the subscribed Attorney is a listed party in a claim.  If a party is not listed in the claim or the attorney has not entered their appearance, they will not receive any WCC Notice in hardcopy or electronic form.  Only Attorneys listed as parties will receive the eNotice.

If you receive a email receipt for WebForm submissions and password resets, eNotice should work for you.  If you DO NOT receive email confirmations, your mail server or ISP may have settings that conflict with Online Services email please contact us via if you have concerns.
Sample image of the eNotice page

Sample of the daily email digest: Email notification contains the WCC Claim Number, type of Notice and instructions as in the sample below.  The eNotice subscriber can view the document via the hyperlink contained in the email or login to WFMS to view the the document as in any WFMS session. 

Sample of eNotice email

Sample of User Profile Page

User profile

Opting for eNotice means that printed notices will not be sent by US Mail. Each subscriber must assure that their email address is correctly entered in their User Profile.  Please review the eNotice conditions and terms posted to the WFMS Terms of Use accepted by all subscribers.

When WFMS Websupport is notified of a failed email delivery attempt we will reset the subscriber's Notice Delivery status to "U.S. Postal Service Only".  If no failed delivery notification is generated, we cannot determine the problem.