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20 The Commission form Insurer's Termination of Medical Benefits C-10 is revised and all should use the new form immediately.   It is located on our Forms & Instruction page.
1 Practitioners – Note the following requirements when filing a set-with request (Request for Action on Filed Issues H-25R):
  • Issues (form H-24R) must be pending in each case for the set-with to be applied.
  • Request a set-with only when there are issues pending in all involved claims. When there are no issues, but parties want the Commissioner informed of prior awards in a claim, the party shall provide a copy of the award to the Commissioner at the hearing as part of the exhibit.
  • Send a copy of the request to opposing counsel in all claims.
  • Claims that are set together must be for the same claimant or a different claimant involved in the same accident (same date and time).
  • When a request to set-with is filed after a claim has been scheduled for hearing, the Commission will administratively continue the claim in order to reschedule a new hearing date where all of the cases may be heard together.
  • When a request to set-with is filed after issues are filed in one of the claims but no hearing date has been scheduled, file a set-with request (form H-25R) in each of the claims involved. Remember, there must be pending issues in each claim in order to have them set together.
  • If you are requesting a continuance on cases that have been set together, remember to list each claim number on the continuance request (form H-28R).

    If a set-with does not meet the above requirements, a notice will be sent advising that the request is not granted because it is incomplete and is not in compliance with COMAR § (A)(3). No action will be taken on the request.