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February 2017 Notices     Go back to Notices

We are closed Monday, February  20, 2017 in observance of Presidents' Day
27 Reminder to Practitioners:  Do not use color paper when sending/submitting documents to the Commission. This includes exhibits submitted at the hearing. Color paper does not work well with our scanning process and may render the document unreadable when converted to electronic format. Thank you for your cooperation.
9 Revised Forms-

Settlement Worksheet (H-07R Revised 02/2017) - The revised form is available on our Forms and Instructions page. Remember - ALL questions must be answered. Any incomplete or missing information will cause the Settlement Worksheet to be returned and the approval of the settlement will be delayed.

Claimant’s Consent to Pay Attorney and Doctor Fees (H-44 Revised 02/2017) - The revised form is available on our Forms and Instructions page. The form has been revised to include a required attorney certification. Please use the new form immediately.

Note - The Commission does not accept any form/document filing via email/attachment or FAX.
3 Reminder: As indicated in the Appeals Rules that were effective July 1, 2015, a transcript of the proceedings “shall be” produced for all appeals, whether on the record or de novo, in accordance with Rule 7-206 (b), paid for by the appealing party and will be made available to all parties electronically in the same manner as other Commission documents.

More information on Transcripts is posted on our FAQ page.