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October 2002

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October 28Adobe  has released the newest version of their free Acrobat Reader, version 5.1.  The new software supports all functions previously offered only in the Acrobat Approval or Acrobat Business Tools.  Users can save a digital version of completed Acrobat forms and when possible, email completed forms.  The native Acrobat self-sign feature is not supported nor accepted by the WCC.  All forms requiring a signature must be completed, printed and signed and sent to the Commission.  Users cannot create PDF documents and are still subject to security conditions imposed on those documents by the author.  The new Reader is an 8.5MB download and information is available here: Adobe  Acrobat Reader 5.1 .

October 17

As many are aware, Ms. Diana Farrell has retired as the Director of the WCC Insurance Division. The Commission is pleased to announce that effective September 1, 2002, Tom Murphy has been appointed Director of the Insurance Division. The Commission has been fortunate to have had Mr. Murphy serving in an Acting capacity since June 2002.  He is a CPA with extensive experience in government and public accounting.  His expertise and knowledge enable him to stay abreast of current issues affecting self-insured employers.  We are confident Tom will be a tremendous asset to the Commission and the workers' compensation community.

Richard Teitel's last day as an incumbent Workers' Compensation Commissioner was Friday, October 4, 2002; having served in that capacity for more than 14 years.  This position was his second governmental service post; before his appointment in 1988, Commissioner Teitel was the supervising attorney for the Injured Workers Insurance Fund.  He came to State service from private practice.  During his tenure on the Commission, Richard Teitel has always exhibited an interest in outreach to the workers' compensation community.  To that end, Commissioner Teitel is active in MICPEL (Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers) and the Committee on Insurance, Negligence and Workers' Compensation of the MSBA; he has also worked with the WCC webmaster to facilitate the level of excellence of content on the Commission's website.  CLICK HERE FOR A TRIBUTE

October 2

Effective October 2, 2002, any attorney registering or re-registering to practice before the Commission must enclosed a $25.00 fee with the completed Attorney Registration form CLICK HERE for more.  Note: This registration is a requirement to practice before the Commission and to be eligible to subscribe to the WCC Online Services (WFMS) CLICK HERE for more.  This fee applies only to those who have not completed the registration/re-registration process since September 2000.  Please note that the WCC does not have the capacity to accept credit/debit cards or electronic payment.  The $25.00 fee must be a check or money order.