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January 2002
January 24

The Commission has, with the cooperation of Baltimore City, secured two passenger unloading spaces at the entrance to our 10 East Baltimore Street Offices. 10 minutes is permitted for passenger drop-off, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. This space will assist the Commission's customers with easier access to our facilities, particularly those who are physically challenged or have difficulty locating parking within ambulatory distance for their passengers. Note that the intention is not vehicle parking but for loading or unloading only. As signage adjacent the spaces is specific, those parking in violation can be ticketed or towed.   Please be aware that we cannot guarantee or reserve the availability of this space.

January 9

Referencing the policy on "Filing Issues before the Consideration Date" : May 2001 Please note that the Commission will not be returning any such Issues nor will the WCC be taking any action on Issues filed on the Claimant's behalf prior to the Consideration Date.