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July 2002
July 10Medical Fee Guide increase: the emergency regulations became effective August 31, 2001. The final action taken by the Commission  (October 2, 2001) confirmed the earlier action and thereby increased rates in the Fee Guide by 4%, effective August 31, 2001. Therefore, any services rendered after August 31, 2001 must include the 4% increase.  Please note that the increase encompasses all fees listed. There will be no changes in the current Guide (1996) as offered by the publisher.  Any questions may be directed to the Commission at 410-864-5300. CLICK HERE FOR regulatory changes
July 2

The Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee will not meet on 7/9/02 as the report from The Maryland Health Care Commission has not been completed. The Committee will next meet on 8/6/02 at 4:00 PM in the Executive Conference of the Workers' Compensation Commission, 10 E. Baltimore Street, 7th Floor Conference Room, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

July 1

All Commission dockets for Tuesday, July 2, 2002 are cancelled out of respect for the memorial services scheduled for Commissioner Lauren Sfekas' husband, the Honorable C. James Sfekas.

July 1 

Please note that the "Request for Employer Designee To Receive Notice of Employee Claims (H23R)" has been revised (06/24/02). Effective immediately, all "Request for Employer Designee..." forms received by the Commission must now be typed or printed legibly. Forms that are not typed or printed legibly will be returned to the employer. Any questions regarding this new procedure may be directed to the Verification Section at 410-864-5351. Note that WCC e-forms on the web page can be completed in Acrobat Reader and printed (see how-to instructions on the "Forms" page)