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To assist our customers and help them to efficiently contact the insurer providing their workers' compensation benefits, the Workers' Compensation Commission has  regulations regarding the qualifications and availability of disputed claims representatives of insurers and self-insurers in the State of Maryland.
To enter or update your Insurer Designee information, CLICK this link .
  • In accordance with Commission regulations (COMAR, all insurers that provide worker's compensation insurance in Maryland are required to register an individual with the Commission who can who can identify the competent individual handling and adjusting each disputed claim (Insurer Designee). G. An insurer that provides workers' compensation insurance in Maryland shall establish a toll-free telephone number through which an insured or claimant, or a representative of an insured or claimant, may make direct telephone inquiries during regular business hours.

  • The Workers' Compensation Commission has provided a simple form on its web site that all insurers can use to maintain their registered Insurer Designee information.  In order to access this site, you will need to register and log in with the PIN number supplied to you by the Commission.

  • The Insurer Designee is required to register with the Commission's electronic CompHub system  If you do not have your PIN, please send a message to providing your name, company name, and telephone number to request your PIN.  We will only provide this information to qualified representatives of the insurer represented by the PIN and may choose to release this information by mail to the mailing address used by the Commission for correspondence with the insurer.

  • When registering your Designee, you must supply their name, address, telephone number, and e-mail. The registered Insurer Designee must be reachable via a toll-free number through which the insured, claimant, or representative of an insured or claimant may make direct telephone inquiries during regular business hours.  The Designee is responsible for responding to all inquiries within two business days.  If the Designee will be unavailable for more than two days, an alternate contact must be provided on their voicemail and email.

  • You are required to keep this information current.  Whenever your designee changes or any of their contact information changes, you must update this information with the Commission through CompHub via the Manage Organization User Assignment Application as well as the below link.  Fraudulent entries may be subject to administrative penalties and fines.

  • The Insurer Designee information posted on our web is updated nightly on business days.

To access the most current listing of registered Insurer Designees, click here. (Searchable PDF)

Insurer CompHub Subscriptions
More information and links to access Insurer Designee updates on CompHub will post here soon.

In order to expand availability of the Commission's online services to insurers and maintain integrity & confidentiality rules, this individual will also assume the role of Insurer for the Insurer or Self-Insured Employer as it relates to our CompHub portal.  The Insurer (Designee) will be responsible for authorizing and maintaining delegates' subscriptions within the Commission's CompHub system.  An Insurer Delegate is an individual for whom the Insurer chooses to grant online access to Commission documents and file specific forms for claims in which the Insurer or Self-Insurer is a party.