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Use of this service constitutes and requires adherence to all conditions in our posted Terms of Service.

NOTE: You may not save a local copy of a blank WebForm to your PC and use it multiple times.  Every submission MUST use a new form requested from the Forms Menu.  Failure to follow this instruction will likely result in your form failing to process.

New Vocational Rehabilitation Online Services security enhancements are effective Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Use of these resources will require entry of text to match a visual message, known as a "Captcha" challenge-response. For more information please see the Help provided on the reCaptcha challenge (a small question mark - ?) or see

Instructions For Vocational Rehabilitation WebForms
NOTE: To make the VR WebForms function simpler and easier, the
VR Forms Screen includes the WCC Claim Data (Number) Search.  You cannot use the Public Claim Data Search when completing WCC VR forms.  Simply use the button on the new screen to access the VR Claim Data Search function and toggle via the menu buttons back to the Forms menu.   Access general instructions for Claim Data Search from this Link.

Click Here to Launce the VR Forms List/Menu

Please review/print all instructions before you try to access WCC WebForms.  In order to utilize WCC WebForms to securely submit online to the WCC, you must install Formatta Filler software on your PC.  Formatta Filler is a small, light program/application.

Select "RUN" when prompted to download the "fillersetup.exe" and follow the on screen installation instructions.  If using a business/corporate PC, you MUST have access/rights to install software for Filler to function.  If you do not have the right to install software on your PC, please "Save" instead of "Run" and contact your IT support to install this software.   After installation, Formatta Filler will launch and provide a success message. Review the Formatta Filler HELP files and toolbar functions.  Users should also check the "Auto Update" feature to keep their Filler version current.  This feature is found in the "HELP" listing on the Filler toolbar.

When reporting any problem to WFMS Websupport ( ) please provide complete information.  Email should include specific information such as: claim number, specific error message received, approximate time the error occurred, description of the point in your transaction at which the error occurred, the specific form name submitting, document viewing, etc.  This will provide support staff with information to research and/or duplicate the error and will expedite the resolution of the problem.

General Instructions and File Attachment Guidelines (Attachment Guidelines Updated May 2012)

  • Subscribers must enable "session cookies" in their browser and include the MD WCC "Domain" in their "trusted sites" to allow trusted access in their Internet browser.  Different browsers, e.g. Mozilla Firefox may implement their security settings differently.
    Please See WFMS Subscriber Services > Help & Support for more information on Mozilla Firefox.

  • You may not save a "copy" of a blank online WebForm (PFF file) to your PC for re-use.  The form must be selected from the WCC web page each time a form is submitted.  Each form in assigned a unique name with each request.  Forms that include a "Submit" button actually submit the required form and data to the Commission/WCC online via your Internet connection.

  • Forms permitting attached files: Select the form's "Attach" button. All documents/files attached to a WCC form must be designated as "Secured" or "Unsecured". A dialog box will display to define these terms. It is the responsibility of the subscribed Attorney to provide such description of the attached documentation as outlined in the dialog box text. Once these terms are accepted, a new "Attachments" dialog box will display to allow you to browse to the files to be attached from your PC. You may attach as many files as necessary but some judgment and discretion should be used. When scanning a document for attachment, make sure that the scan quality is readable, that the image when added to a document (e.g. Word.doc) as an image is FULL SIZE and not reduced to make the document unreadable.  Scanning of documents requires some experience and expertise to properly accomplish.

    • You may not attach a Formatta form (*.pff file) to an online WebForm.

    • File attachments accepted are MS Office documents (Word - *.doc, *.docx), (Excel - .xls, *.xlsx), PDF, JPG or GIF.
      MS Word template files (*.dot) and web format (*.htm) are not accepted.

    • Attached files must have a simple name, like claimant_medical.pdf.  Complex file names like claimant_medical-release-1/1/12.pdf will cause your submission to fail.

    • If your form submission fails twice you must discard the form and generate a new form.  Generally, most forms will submit successfully on the second attempt.

    • Do not mail or deliver a copy of the completed WebForm to the Commission.  It will not be accepted/processed.

  • All WFMS Online Services inquiries and forms require that two identifying elements are provided in the listed input fields.  Generally the available choices are: WCC Claim Number, Social Security number, date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY format) and surname.

    The claimant last name or surname input should be entered as a "wildcard: search; enter ONLY the first three (3) letters of the last name.  Remember that you are searching through structured information and your search must match our data to provide a successful result.  The WCC Claim number + surname or Social Security number + surname are generally provide the best results.

  • A submitted, saved WebForm.pff cannot be re-submitted.  Completed/submitted reports (*.pff WebForms) can be saved to your PC  for viewing or printing at any time but saved Formatta *.pff forms are viewed ONLY in Formatta Filler.  You cannot view these forms in MS Word, Adobe®  Reader or other office applications.  If you have full a version Adobe® Acrobat product, Adobe® functions as a "printer"  to print the Formatta form to Adobe®  PDF. Open source or free PDF print drivers, such as cutePDF can also be used to save the submitted form to your PC for file retention or collaboration.

  • You may reattempt to submit a WebForm that has failed to process one (1) time.  You cannot attempt to resubmit a form that has generated an email receipt of success or failure.  It is recommended that attempts to resubmit the form are limited to two (2).  After two failures you should generate a new form for this submission.

  • You must enter a valid email address on the form.  When ready to "submit" the form to the WCC: verify the form information, select "Submit".  The results of a successful submission will display the completed form with a "time stamp".  It will also send a confirmation receipt with status information including the date/time and success of failure of the form's entry when your email address is correctly entered on the form.

  • Do not send a copy of the completed WebForm to the Commission; it will not be accepted for processing.

  • Forms that require or indicate that copies be sent to other parties are your responsibility to print and mail to such parties.  WebForms do not change this  requirement.  The WCC will not send copies of the form to the required parties.  You must Print and/or Save your form after submission since you will no longer have access to the completed form after you have closed Formatta Filler.

Information requirements are the same as paper forms submitted to the WCC.  WebForms have and meet the same legal requirements as hardcopy forms.  Required fields are as determined by the WCC Support Services Division/Vocational Rehabilitation.  Questions regarding required fields should be submitted to the Support Services Division via EMAIL (link) or telephone: (410) 864-5320.

Like most web-based forms, WebForms will proceed through the available data input fields.  As much as possible, the form will pre-populate with the claim data from the WCC claim database.  As much as possible, the input fields will validate the information you enter- if selecting "yes" or "no" indicates you must explain or provide more information, you cannot submit the form without input into the "required" field.  Each input field will display an "information bubble" or tip when your cursor is in the field to explain the information requirements.

WCC WebForms are selected from a list of available forms and will require that the MD WCC Claim Number is input and the appropriate form is selected.  Filler will then launch the form to be completed.  If the wrong claim number is entered and the claim information displayed is not the one desired, close Filler and verify the Claim Number.

If you don't have the WCC Claim Number or the WCC Claim Number you have is incorrect for your client, please use the Claim Inquiry via the menu button above with the client Social Security number and last name or contact a Commission Public Service Representative via telephone to obtain the correct one [(410) 864-5100 or Outside Baltimore Metro Area Toll Free, 1(800) 492-0479].  If you have a question regarding the form's  information, please contact the WCC Support Services Division at the telephone number(s) given via the Vocational Rehabilitation menu above.  If you have a question regarding how to use Formatta Filler, please use the built-in HELP utility.  If you experience a problem with the WebForm or submission, please email