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December 2018 All State of Maryland offices are closed Wednesday 12/05/18; We are closed 12/24/18 and 1/01/19.  New materials are posted to the Medical Fee Guide info page for calendar year 2019.
November 2018 The Commission is pleased to welcome two new Commissioners, Allan Kittleman and Howard Metz to the Commission.; 2019 MDWCC MAXIMUM RATE OF BENEFITS PDF is posted; We are closed November 6, 12, 22 & 23.
October 2018 Passing of former Commissioner Clement Mercaldo, Sr.; 2018 MDWCC Prescription Drug study; We are closed Monday, 10/09/18.
September 2018 We are closed Monday 9/03/18; The 2018 MWCEA Conference is September 23rd - 26th.
August 2018 We are closed Monday 9/03/18; The 2018 MWCEA Conference is September 23 - 26; FY 2018 MDWCC Prescription Drug survey is available 9/04/18 - 10/03/18.
July 2018 2018 ASC Fee Guide revised; Passing of Commissioner Jacques Leeds, Jr.; CY 2019 COLA rate; Welcome Commissioner James R. Forrester; We are closed July 4th.
June 2018 Grant/Deny Postponement Request response added to eNotice.
May 2018 Forms revised to include Healthcare Provider/Attorney as filing party; we are closed Monday 5/28/18.
April 2018 Check Form Status option added to the Online Employee Claim; Revised Form – Stipulation of Parties and Award of Compensation.
March 2018 New Form - Partner’s Status As A Covered Employee; Unsupported effective May 2018 - Mobile device/smartphone apps for the NCCI Online Workers' Compensation Coverage Verification Service (CVS); New regulations effective March 12th: COMAR, an attorney wishing to practice before the Commission SHALL register for WFMS Online Services, COMAR (A), claims by represented claimants SHALL be filed electronically; Revised Form – Claimant’s Consent to Pay Fees and Costs; Revised Form – Request to Strike Appearance of Counsel; All sites Updating Courtroom AV equipment - new requirements to play videos.
February 2018 Guarantee Insurance Company liquidation; We are closed Monday,February 19th in observance ofPresidents' Day..
January 2018 Petitions for judicial review; Updating courtroom Audio/Visual equipment—new requirements; rejected settlements; Calendar Year 2018 Maryland workers' compensation Benefits Rate information.