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Please read all instructions first.  

    Access to MD WCC claim information via the Claim Information Inquiry requires the input of two (2) available data fields.  Recommended are:

  1. MD WCC Claim number and ONLY the first three (3) letters of the claimant's full last (sur)name OR

  2. Last 4 digits of the valid Social Security number and ONLY the first three (3) letters of the claimant's full last (sur)name.

  • No information is returned unless any two (2)  fields are correctly completed.  Claimant Date of Birth can also be used in lieu of surname where a name change may have occurred before or after the claim was filed.  Entering more than two elements will require a match on all three or four to provide a result.

  • The WCC Claim number is not the workers' compensation insurance carrier's identifier number.   WCC claim number syntax is A123456, B123456, M123456 or W123456.  Information returned displays all claim details, exclusive those that are deemed "non-public" information. in addition to Claim Inquiry additional searches are available, such as Hearing Results, Hearing Issues and other info.  You will NOT obtain claimant home address, telephone number, Social Security number, personal financial or medical information via this search.  Such information is NON-PUBLIC and not available.

  • Each inquiry requires re-entry of the search information.  No access to WCC documents is provided via this public inquiry.  Note that all Internet access to WCC data is logged, including: the originating IP address, information viewed and time of access.  The search application is best viewed with latest version Internet Explorer but all current Internet web browsers with 128-bit encryption are supported by the Online Services inquiry.

  • When no claim is found, no Employee Claim has been filed with the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission matching your input. If the claimant has filed a claim with the MD WCC under a different name or Social Security number the search has only the input criteria to act upon, any claim filed under different personal identification information cannot be retrieved.

  • Problems or difficulties should be reported sent to CompHub Support via email:

General Information - (410) 864-5100
Outside Baltimore Metro Area Toll Free -  (800) 492-0479
Maryland Relay for the hearing impaired Dial 711 in Maryland or (800) 735-2258