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Please note: You must use the link from this page to access the inquiry, you cannot bookmark the inquiry page.
You will be required to enter a combination of letters/numbers presented on the page prior to accessing the inquiry input fields.  Some Internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, with custom privacy settings or add-ons may not behave as expected.  Please contact us via email if you encounter a problem.

The Online Coverage Verification Service (CVS) uses "cookies" and scripts to function.  Your Internet Browser must be set to accept cookies OR you may copy this address and add it to your "trusted sites" via your browser settings/options.
If you do not adjust your browser settings to "trust" the site, you may receive an error message.

The person handling workers' compensation claims for individual insurers in Maryland is posted in our INSURER DESIGNEE listing.  When you have obtained insurer information, contact information is provided by the insurer on the listing found on our Insurer Designee Page.

The link/button above will open a SEARCH inquiry page located on an external web site not housed nor maintained by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission. This site provides public access to portions of the information provided by workers' compensation insurance carriers for use by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission (MD WCC). The accuracy of the data from any "third party" cannot be guaranteed by the MD WCC and we are not responsible for the coverage information available from the SEARCH inquiry.

Best results are obtained with accurate information input. The employer's correct Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN) is the best and fastest search for a good result. An employer's legal trading name and business address will also yield a good result. Note that results given are specific the date(s) requested.  You cannot search for a time period later than the current date.

The HELP provided on the SEARCH page will provide additional tips and hints to help your search to yield an accurate result.

No additional support for the use of the inquiry application (web page) is provided by the MD WCC (neither via telephone nor email).
A finding of no result does not necessary mean that the employer has no insurance, it may indicate only that there is no result given the input criteria or the coverage is not currently reported.  Please read the SEARCH inquiry "HELP" file for data/input requirements and directions for using the Search.

For additional assistance in verifying workers' compensation insurance coverage in Maryland, please contact:

Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission
Attn: Employer Insurance Verification
10 East Baltimore Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202-1641

(410) 864-5100
(800) 492-0479 (Outside Metro Baltimore)

This SEARCH provides public access to portions of the information reported by workers' compensation insurance carriers for use by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission (MD WCC). Any delays, errors or omissions in reporting such data cannot be controlled by the MD WCC and may affect the validity and accuracy of the information provided. If you have specific questions pertinent an employer's non-compliance, are a medical provider requiring employer insurance verification/information or injured worker who is having difficulty obtaining workers' compensation insurance carrier information, please contact our Public Service Division (CLICK HERE FOR WCC CONTACT INFORMATION).