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Hearing Schedules

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Clicking on the link provides a "real time" or actual listing of scheduled hearing details by location, Commissioner and claim for a two (2) week period from the current date.  This is the same format and layout as has been provided in PDF and XLS.
  1. All information is current as scheduled hearings are updated by the WCC Claims Division in WCC data systems. 

  2. The listing is available as a dynamic online report or to export as a PDF or Excel XLS file.  The Export option is available from the "floppy disk" icon button on the report control.   The report cannot be sorted by any column or data element.  Word format is available but not recommended.
    image of the report tool bar indicates function button

  3. This report is current at the time you request it and may take a few seconds to respond/load depending on your Internet connection.  Please be patient.

  4. To print directly from or search the report  you must use Microsoft Internet Explorer and install an "Active X" control.  In Internet Explorer, selecting the printer button icon will provide a print error message and/or prompt to install the control (actual message/result is dependent on your browser version).  The installation is required only on the first use and the report will be fully available on your next visit, after the Active X installation.   A screenshot of how this may appear in MS Windows Internet Explorer  is below.  Click here to jump to the image.

  5. Those using other Internet browsers (such as Mozilla FireFox) will not see the print button and must use the Export feature to print or save a local copy of the docket schedule as a PDF or Excel file.  A full text search is available in Adobe Reader for the PDF export and also most applications that support XLS spreadsheet files, such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.

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