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Hearing Schedules

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Clicking on the link provides a "real time" listing of scheduled hearing details by location, Commissioner and claim for a two (2) week period from the current date. 
  1. All information is current.   The report provides a default view of two weeks from the current date and all hearing sites.

  2.  You may select a new date range: Start Date/End Date - available selections are 3 months prior and future (note that future information is most subject to change).  The Calendar Picker shows available dates for the report.  After making your changes select "View Report".

  3. You may select a specific hearing location.  After changing this setting, select "View Report".

  4. In all web browsers, the listing is available as a dynamic online report; to print or save it, export as a PDF, Word or Excel XLS file - Note: most contemporary web browsers can read the PDF version natively.   To Export to PDF, select the "floppy disk" icon button on the report control and select PDF. 

    image of the report tool bar indicates function button

  5. This report is current at the time you request it and may take a few seconds to respond/load depending on your Internet connection.  Please be patient.  Questions? Email us at


Commission (Open) Meeting Schedule & Agendas for 2020 v. 11/05/2019
Pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, Annotated Code of Maryland, General Provisions Article ('GP'), 3-302.1, the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission (the 'Commission) is making available to the public an agenda containing known items of business to be discussed and information regarding any portion of the meeting expected to be closed.  Copies of the agenda for the following meeting dates are below in PDF format.
Questions may be directed to the Secretary of the Commission, Ms. Stacey L. Roig via email
January 9 January 23 February 13 February 27
March 12 March 26 April 9 April 23
May 14 May 28 June 11 June 25
July 9 July 23 August 13 August 27
September 10 October 8 October 22 November 12
December 10 December 17    

Commission (Open) Meeting Schedule 2020 PDF version 11/05/19

Budget Advisory Committee (Closed) Meeting Schedule & Agenda  
Pursuant to Md. Code, Lab. & Empl. art § 9-317 and § 9-318, the Advisory Committee on Budget of State Workers' Compensation Commission will meet to review the Commission's tentative operating budget and make recommendations to the Commission as to any changes in any budget area of the Commission. Because the information discussed is and will be privileged from disclosure under the judicially recognized and constitutionally based doctrine of executive privilege, 66 OAG 98 (1981)(agency budget recommendations are subject to executive privilege), the Committee’s discussions and deliberations will not be open to the public. A copy of the Committee’ final annual report will be available to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 1.
Download the  AGENDA - Meeting Date: October 8, 2019
REPORT – Meeting Date: October 8, 2019