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Updated Friday, August 23, 2002

July 31

The air conditioning system @ 6 North Liberty Street is down.  Hearings moved to the Baltimore Hilton/Lord Baltimore. Updates as available. If no further update is posted, Tuesday August 1, 2000 hearings @ 6 North Liberty Street.

July 17

Some Baltimore City Hearings start times are changed. Notices have or will be sent.  Check the Hearing Schedule for Baltimore City,  July 31st thru August 3rd.  Note re: Hearing Rooms reallocation & procedures.

July 16

- Affecting all MD WCC Customers - The copying (printing) price per page at the Commission is increased to $0.50 (fifty cents) per page.  The increase is effective immediately.

CRITICAL - July 16, 2000 - FORMS USE ERRORS, current policies, effective immediately:

1) The  Request for Continuance (H28R, Rev 2/2000) is to be used for ALL postponement requests.  Use of the obsolete forms will result in return to the requestor.

2) The Guide Form for Proposed Final Compromise & Settlement Agreement (H-07, Rev 3/2000) MUST be submitted as a cover sheet on ALL settlements.  Those submitted without the form will be returned.

CRITICAL - July 16, 2000 - NEW FORMS:

1) Request for Rehearing (H27R) EFFECTIVE 9/01/2000  CHANGE OF USE: To be used only for rehearings pursuant to LE 9-276. 

2) Request for Modification (H30R) EFFECTIVE 9/01/2000  NEW: to be used only for requesting a modification of a prior award pursuant to LE 9-736(b); replaces the former "Petition to Reopen/Reconsideration (H27R).
3) Request for Change of Address (H31R) EFFECTIVE 9/01/2000  NEW : To be used only to change the address of a party or their attorney. 

4) Stipulation for Advance (C50R) EFFECTIVE 9/01/2000  NEW: This is to be filed with the Commission after it is signed by all parties.  No approval of the advance by the Commission is needed.  Therefore, the old "Request for Advancement" will no longer be accepted, once the approved changes have been completed.

July 7

The MD WCC PDN is repaired.  Please report any difficulties to the usual Help     Desk telephone number.  The new GUI Interface will be available SOON.  The install should be available as a download from the WCC web page, otherwise the executable file  must be requested.  The info will be posted here as soon as it is ready.

July 5

The WCC Public Data Network (PDN) is temporarily unavailable due to hardware failure.  The PDN is expected to be out of service until Tuesday, July 11, 2000.

July 5

Effective July 7, 2000, some Hearing Rooms in the Baltimore City location will be unavailable.  Furniture will be removed for refurbishment prior to the Commission's relocation later this year.  First is Room 820 (Commissioner Adams) on Friday, July 7.  Next, Room 821 (Commissioner Webster) on July 14, followed by Room 824 (Commissioner LaFata) on July 21 and Room 843 (Commissioner Miraglia) on July 28.  Notices of changes in room assignments will be available in the Hearing Area on the 8th Floor Posting Board at 6 North Liberty Street and will also be posted on the previously scheduled hearing room doors on the day of the hearing.