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AUGUST 2000 Notices


New forms, Stipulation for Advance, Change of Address, Request for Reconsideration/Modification, Request for Rehearing are available for download.  Request for Advance, Request for Reconsideration, Reopening or Rehearing should no longer be used.   If used they will be returned to sender with the appropriate new form.


In an effort to better serve our clients and in compliance with the State of Maryland e-Government Legislation, the Workers' Compensation Commission is upgrading to facilitate electronic access by the workers' comp community.  These technological improvements MUST include updating our attorney database.

A form and instructions will be mailed to all workers' compensation practitioners on or about September 6, 2000, requesting updated name, address, telephone & cellular phone numbers AS WELL AS E-MAIL ADDRESSES.  This form, completed for each individual practitioner, should be typed and returned to the Commission within two weeks of receipt.  This will be a one-time mailing to the addresses currently on file with the WCC.  The form will also be accessible at the MD WCC Web Page at in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format.  The form can be downloaded, printed and typed; completed in Adobe  Acrobat Reader and printed or submitted on-line (in Adobe  Acrobat Reader, in the browser, Netscape or Internet Explorer as an email attachment).  If submitted on-line, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  The information collected will be used to compile the Commission's master database of attorneys.   ALL INDIVIDUALS who practice before the Commission are urged to become charter members by registering at this time.  As we move into the electronic age, only those members who are registered will be included in the database; and in the future, a fee will be required to this registration.

We are excited about the pending changes and look forward to sharing our vision with you at the 16th Annual Maryland Workers' Compensation Education Association Conference (MWCEA) in Ocean City (September 24- 27, 2000).  With a cooperative effort for the entire workers' compensation community , Maryland can meet the challenges of the new era and become a model of service and accountability.

August 24

New Subpoena forms: A new Subpoena/Subpoena Duces Tecum form is now available.  The old form will no longer be available.  The Commission will continue to process all documents received pursuant the old form.  The new form serves as both a Subpoena and a Subpoena Duces Tecum and is similar to such forms used in Circuit Courts throughout the State.  A viewable only copy of the form can be seen from the "FORMS " page of the web site.  It is NOT downloadable, as the form is 2-part NCR (no carbon required).  Attorneys may obtain the new forms at the MD WCC or request copies via email.  Requests should be limited to quantities of 10.  The procedure for the form as follows:  attorneys will obtain the form from the Commission, prepare the Subpoena and have all documents returned to the requesting party...NOT THE COMMISSION.  The only exception to this procedure is when the Requestor is seeking UNEMPLOYMENT RECORDS.  These records must be sent to the Commission directly, as they may be released only to a State agency.  We will continue to process these documents as in the past.  Please remember: provide the Hearing Date, Claim Number and Hearing Room Number/site on the Subpoena when requesting Unemployment Records so that they will be matched to the proper file and hearing room/site.  Parties no longer need a hearing date to obtain a subpoena, the new form is printed in duplicate...the Requestor will serve the subpoena, the yellow copy is returned to the Requestor when the subpoena is served.  When documents are provided to the Requestor pursuant to the subpoena, the Requestor will retain the records until the Commission Hearing.  All rules concerning the exchange of medical records prior to the Commission Hearing remain in force.  Assistance for Unrepresented Claimants in completing the forms is available in the MD WCC Public Service Department at 6 North Liberty Street, 9th Floor, Baltimore, MD, 21201.  Unrepresented Claimants may request this information by email or calling the Commission @ (410) 767-0900.