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February 2000
February 29


REMINDER: An Issues Form H-24R must be filed along with an emergency hearing request. If it is not and the request is denied, the case will not be set for hearing.

Effective 11/01/99, The Commission began using new forms for Emergency Hearings.  Two new forms are being utilized.  The first is the Hearing Notice mailed from the Commission notifying parties of the hearing date.  Emergency hearings are now incorporated into the morning dockets at all hearing locations.  The Hearing Notice now includes limitations and conditions applicable to requests for postponement of Emergency Hearings.  A Request for Postponement of Emergency Hearing will not be granted absent extraordinary circumstances.  The Request for Postponement of Emergency Hearing must be filed within eight (8) days after the Emergency Hearing notice is mailed.  The new Emergency Hearing Notice form will include the last date a request for postponement of an Emergency Hearing may be filed.  A sample copy of the Emergency Hearing Notice may be requested from the Commission by phone, FAX or Email.

The second new form utilized by the Commission is the Request for Postponement of Emergency Hearing.  This form must be timely filed for consideration of any postponement of an Emergency Hearing.  The form requires the moving party to provide the name and telephone number of opposing counsel.  In the event the postponement request is granted, the hearing will be removed from the morning docket.  The case will be reset the same day in Baltimore City and will be heard by the Duty Commissioner on the 1:30 p.m. docket.  All parties will be notified by the Commission when a postponement of an emergency hearing is granted.  A copy of the Request for Postponement of Emergency Hearing may be requested from the Commission by phone, FAX or Email.

PLEASE NOTE: These forms no longer utilize or require the RED headline.  Further information regarding changes in these procedures is pending.

February 10

WCC Brochures are now available for download.  If you haven't Adobe(c) Acrobat Reader 3.X or above, please download the current free version from the "FORMS" page link.  Current is Version 4.X.

February 8

The Medical Fee Guide Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, February 16, 2000 @ 3:30 p.m. in the Executive Conference Room, I.W.I.F., 8722 Loch Raven Blvd., Towson, MD.

February 1

Please take note of the additions to the web page: improved Employee Claim Form instructions, Inclement Weather Policy & contact info, Intro to Internet info, Maryland Workers' Compensation Legislation link, this NOTICES category, automated update info for Schedule pages.  Pending changes to include some forms in .PDF  (Adobe(c) Acrobat "Portable Document Format" ) for download.

February 1

The improved Employee Claim Form instructions include scanned examples of the form, handwritten and typed.  Typed forms can use the entire blue box field and SHOULD NOT be typed one box at a time.  The Commission is investigating a "template" to allow this form to be filled in a Word Processing (e.g. MS Word, WordPerfect) environment and printed with an office printer.  Please let us know what word processing software you use....and the version so that multiple platforms can be available.