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April 18

PLEASE NOTE:  Claimants, Attorneys and Other Involved Parties:  Those who plan to utilize audio/visual equipment (in Frederick and Towson) in the course of their presentations at Workers' Compensation Commission Hearings At both Towson and Frederick locations MUST make arrangements prior to the hearing date for preparations for such equipment to be permitted in the building at the time of the hearing.  The Circuit Court Judges at both of these locations be requested AT LEAST 24 hours before the scheduled hearing.

April 14

NOTICE: The WCC has no authority to order advances of compensation against future awards absent the approval of the employer/insurer.  Accordingly, no such issues should be filed and if filed, no hearing will be set. If the parties agree to an advance a stipulation should be submitted to the WCC.

The following forms are now available for download: Request for Emergency Hearing (H26R), Request for Postponement of Emergency Hearing (H29R), Request for Continuance or Postponement of Hearing (H28R), Issues (H24R), Request to Enter/Strike/Substitute Appearance of Counsel (C23R), Request for Action on Filed Issues (H25R), Request for Document Correction (C90R), Request for Reopening, Reconsideration or Rehearing (H27R), Request for Advancement (C50R)*see note above, Proposed Final Compromise & Settlement Agreement Guide (PFC&SA) (H07), Stipulation of Parties & Award of Compensation.
It is strongly suggested that ALL check the revision dates on these documents to verify that they are utilizing the most recent versions.  If you don't have Adobe
 Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above, please use the link on the Forms Page to get the FREE download of the most recent (Version 4.0) Reader (plug-in for Internet browsers: Netscape & Internet Explorer).