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November 2001 NOTICES 


November 26

In order to clarify the March 17, 2000 web notice, please be advised that when a party requests to have a case "set with" another case that is already on a docket, the original case will be continued from its docket and both cases will be set together in due course. A "Set With" request should only be used when there are pending overlapping issues filed in both claims. "Travel Along" requests will not be honored. It is the party's responsibility to have all necessary documents at the time of the hearing.

November 13

The Commission has been receiving a large number of subpoenaed documents for claims in which no hearing has been scheduled.  This has been the cause of some filing problems at the Commission.  Accordingly, effective immediately, any such document will be returned to the custodian of record from whom it was subpoenaed.