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December 2001 Notices

December 10

The Commission and ALL STATE OFFICES will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th.  The closing on the 24th is resultant Executive Order from Governor Glendening.  No Commission staff will be in the office, no business will be transacted.  All hearings scheduled for the 24th have been continued and notices have been sent to all parties of record.

December 5

As many are aware, the Commission's new automated docket setting program was put into operation in early November 2001.  Unfortunately, the conversion process inadvertently eliminated codes changing the venue in a claim and the hearing location coeds reverted to the location based on a claimant's address at the time of the accident.  Our IT personnel are currently attempting to recover this venue information.  Nevertheless, the Commission is honoring all requests to reinstate any previously approved requests for change of venue.

The Commission is also currently undertaking to establish a listing of Zip Codes for claimants residing in areas neighboring Maryland.  Zip Codes from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) will be added to the data tables in our new docket program referring individuals from those areas to the hearing location closest to their place of residence.  In the meantime, as always, a request for change of venue can be filed by a party to a claim.

To report a problem with an approved change of venue request, kindly call our Public Service staff at (410) 864-5100 or toll-free outside Metro Baltimore (800) 492-0479.  Thank you for your patience.

December 5

Recent email virus activity has caused sporadic email outages.   Those who need to contact the Commission are requested to do so via telephone at the numbers above.

December 4

Please be advised that the new automated docket setting program has been implemented. The January hearing schedule was devised using this new program. Hearing schedules from this point forward will only contain three docket groups:  an SIF group, UEF group and General group. The code key for the hearing schedule is located on the 'Hearing Schedule' webpage. Please do not hesitate to call our Public Service staff if you have any questions regarding this schedule. Thanks for your patience as we implement the new system.

December 4

The Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee has been established.  Thanks to all in the workers' compensation community that offered their services.  More information will be provided as available.