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A  schedule of public hearings to be held on proposed regulations at the Commission offices, 4th Floor, Hearing Room 447 at 2:00 pm is available.
(CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION). Written comments should be directed to the attention of the Secretary to the Commission, Judith Johnston
(email: or through the U.S. Postal Service to:
Workers' Compensation Commission, 10 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.


The Commission has developed a new form (WCC Form H32R) to be used when impleading an alleged employer, insurer, statutory employer, and/or co-employer. The new form can be found HERE
(CLICK HERE FOR THE FORMS SECTION) or copies can be obtained from the Public Information Division at the Commission.

Please begin using this form immediately in any UEF case in which you are requesting that one of the above be impleaded as a party. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


In order to expedite the processing of continuance requests the most current version of the 'Request for Continuance of a Hearing' form (WCC Form H28R, Revised 3/22/01) must be used. Any such request filed after April 30, 2001 will be returned to the requesting party without any action being taken on the request. The new form is available at the Commission or can be downloaded from this web site.


As many in the workers' compensation community are aware, for the past few months, the Workers' Compensation Commission has been focusing attention on the process whereby providers of vocational rehabilitation services are selected.  Historically, the process has been unregulated, leaving it up to the parties to work out the selection.  In those cases where issues to resolve the impasse were filed, the matter was generally assigned to the Commission's Support Services Division for provider selection. (Committee has been selected, CLICK HERE)