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JULY  2015 Notices     Go back to Notices
We are closed Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.
14 Pursuant to L&E 9-638, the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) effective January 1, 2016 is 1.5%. The updated MDWCC COLA document can be accessed from our Workers' Compensation Rates page.
13 The Joint Election Form (IC-03, 7/2015) used for an individual that otherwise would not be a covered employee when the employer elects to cover the employee pursuant to 9-204 of the Labor and Employment Article and revised versions of our Sole Proprietor's Status as a Covered Employee Form (WCC 6/2015) and Inclusion Form (WCC C-15R, 7/2015) are posted to our Insurance, Compliance & Reporting page.  New forms are effective immediately.
1 Regulatory changes effective 7/20/15: 14.09.11 ' Judicial Review Procedures .01 - .05 & 14.09.04 - Legal Representation and Fees .03 Schedule of Attorney's Fees can be found on our Regulatory Changes page.
  The Medical Fee Guide Committee meeting will be held on Monday, August 17th, 2015 @ 3:00 PM in the 3rd Floor meeting room. Any questions should be directed