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Archive: 2007

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Please be advised that the elevator at the Frederick hearing site is temporarily out of service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause individuals unable to navigate the steps to the second floor hearing room.  Updated information will be posted when it is operational.

October 22THE NEW MD WCC EMPLOYER'S POSTING NOTICE, C-24 - (Version 10/2007) English/Spanish PDF for printing via Adobe  Reader, 1.7 MB is available for download and printing.
The MD WCC Employers' Posting Notice is 8.5" X 14" and MUST be printed on 8.5" X 14" (legal size) goldenrod or yellow paper.  Laser printer or clear photocopier versions are recommended for printed durability and legibility.  Default resolution for this printing is 600 dpi (dots per inch).  The statutory requirement is "as provided by the MD WCC", hence reduced size or otherwise altered reproductions from the original/default specifications will not constitute statutory compliance.  The Notice is to be posted in a conspicuous location at each worksite and must include the complete employer/insurer information in the lower left corner where indicated. Download the Notice from the Forms & Instructions page.
October 19

New Forms are posted: Claimant Consent to Pay Attorney and Doctor Fees H-44, Dependent's Claim for Death Benefits C-35, Certification of Funeral Expenses C-18, Claim Amendment (to add/remove body parts from existent claim) C-3 .  See the Forms & Instructions page for the new & updated PDF forms. The forms are printed via Adobe  Reader.

October 16

Attention Counsel: The Commission has received complaints from other tenants located in the Corridor Business Park in Beltsville regarding interruptions from individuals attending hearings at the Commission's Beltsville hearing site. Please be considerate of the other tenants in the business park and provide helpful information to your clients so that they may easily find the Commission's hearing rooms. Specific instructions to all of the hearing sites are available HERE on the Commission's website, through the Commission's automated voice response system (410-864-5100) or by contacting the Commission's public service staff. Please ask your clients not to interrupt the business operations of the other tenants located in the Corridor Business Park. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

October 1
New Form - Statement of Wage Information WCC C-2 (9/28/2007)
In accordance with COMAR (Average Weekly Wage), For the purpose of making an initial award of compensation before a hearing in the matter, the Commission shall determine the claimant's average weekly wage from gross wages, including overtime, based on the information filed with the Commission.
The period used to calculate the average weekly wage is now 14 weeks.  A new form is provided and to be used for this purpose.  The form is provided in an automatically calculating version and print only version for convenience.  The auto-calculating version will provide the correct wage information when the source information is entered in accordance with the form instructions.
The new form is available in the Claim Administration section of our Forms & Instructions page.

New Form - Employee Claim Form WCC C-1 (7/2007)
Legislative amendments effective October 1, 2007 require the implementation of new forms and emergency regulations for the filing of claims.   The Employee Claim Form (MD WCC Form C-1) consists of three (3) pages. Page one is substantially similar to the old form. Page two is an Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information. Page three contains various notices and instructions relevant to completing the new form. Any claim filed on or after 12:01 am October 1, 2007 must be filed  on the new Employee Claim form C-1 including the Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information on page 2 .

The new form is available for on-line submission (it must be submitted, printed, signed and mailed to the Commission), however, the form may not be printed from the website to be filled out by hand and mailed. Only specially printed (hard-copy) original forms obtained from the Commission will be accepted for filing when completed by hand. Employers and insurers requiring large quantities of Form C1 are encouraged to order the form from the Commission as soon as possible.

You may email your order request utilizing this link (you must specify the quantity required, shipping address and contact information).  Due to the volume of requests, you may not receive your entire order in the initial shipment.  PLEASE NOTE: The form is available for electronic submission via the Commission's website; the form must still be submitted online, printed, signed and mailed and will not be considered filed until it (page 1 and page 2) has been received by the Commission in hard-copy.