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November 2005 NOTICES



The Workers' Compensation Commission is closed Thursday and Friday, November 24-25th in observance of Thanksgiving Day.   No telephone or email/websupport is available. We will open for business at 8 a.m. on Monday, November 28th.

November 22Amendment  to COMAR: effective December 8, 2005 establishes the hours of business of the Commission are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excepting legal holidays.  All documents filed with the Commission after 4:30 p.m., electronically or otherwise, are deemed to be received by the Commission on the next business day.
November 9

Amendment to COMAR14.09.01.12(B) became effective 9/12/05 ' this amendment requires that medical information be exchanged not later than five (5) days prior to a hearing.

November 8Effective immediately, the Commission has changed the procedures that must be followed when issues are withdrawn. A party wishing to withdraw issues must do so using the 'Request for Action on Filed Issues,' form H25R. If the paperwork is filed (received) within 10 days of the hearing date, it is the responsibility of the party withdrawing the issues to contact ALL parties as well as the Assistant to the Commissioner before whom the case is set. A document shall be in the claim file or a party must show up and put the withdrawal of issues on the record. No notices will be generated by the WCC. If an interpreter has been requested, the party requesting the interpreter must cancel the interpreter reservation at least 48 hours before the hearing.