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The Workers' Compensation Commission is closed Monday, September 1, 2003 in observance of Labor Day.  No live telephone services are available, offices are closed.  There is no WFMS websupport.

August 29

Nine (9) Revised forms are now available on the (link) WCC FORMS page

  • The Commission has revised (Revision Date is 8/28/03) the Enter/Strike Appearance forms.  Two new forms have been developed: 'Request to Enter Appearance of Counsel for Employer/Insurer' and 'Request to Enter Appearance of Counsel'. The latter form is to be used by attorneys who wish to enter their appearance on behalf of a claimant, a healthcare provider, the Subsequent Injury Fund, or the Uninsured Employer's Fund.  The 'Request to Enter Appearance of Counsel for Employer/Insurer' is only to be used by those attorneys wishing to enter their appearance on behalf of an employer, self-insured employer or insurer.
  • The two forms mentioned above as well as a 'Request to Strike Appearance of Counsel' form can be downloaded from the 'Forms' section of this website (Adjudication/Claims menu on the left of > WCC Forms and Instructions).  Print versions are available in the Public Service area on the fourth floor of the Commission's Baltimore location. Effective September 1, 2003, the Commission will only accept these revised forms.  Incorrect forms will be returned to the sender.
The WCC Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee will meet on Tuesday, September 9, 2003 at 4PM in the WCC Executive Conference Room.  This meeting is open to Committee representatives/members only.  Please consult the Committee's web page for regular updates on the Committee's progress (Adjudication/Claims menu at left > Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee).
Notice: Cancellation of an interpreter does not operate to remove a hearing from the docket.  Counsel MUST file the appropriate forms, e.g. Request for Continuance, Request for Action on Filed Issues, etc. for action to be taken on a particular hearing.
August 25The WCC Medical Fee Guide Committee has updated the meeting Minutes available (use the Adjudication/Claims menu at left to access the Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee page).
August 14The Workers' Compensation Commission is pleased to announce the appointment of Mary Ahearn as the new Director of Administration, effective Thursday, August 14, 2003.  In addition to her almost four years of experience with the Commission, she also brings over 10 years of management and administrative experience in both government and private industry.  Ms. Ahearn graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Notre Dame of MD with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business with a dual emphasis in Management and HR Management. Please join us in welcoming her to this position.

August 8

The Commission no longer accepts "counsel of record" for a specific employer/insurer.  An attorney must enter his/her appearance in each individual case.  In addition, the Commission has stopped the practice of automatically entering an attorney's appearance in a case simply because their name is listed on the Employee Claim form.  This form is under revision and will not require that any attorney information be provided.

The patience and cooperation of the workers' compensation community is sincerely appreciated as the Commission continues to strive to make improvements.  We anticipate an easier and smoother process in the not too distant future with the implementation of the electronic submission of forms over the Internet.

August 6Pursuant to the direction of the Board of the Uninsured Employers' Fund, the Commission is increasing the assessments under Labor and Employment Article 9-1007(b).  Effective August 18, 2003, all applicable orders issued by the Commission will include an additional one percent (1%) assessment to be paid by Employers/Insurers for maintenance of the Uninsured Employers'  Fund.