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We are closed Monday, February 18th in observance of Presidents' Day.


 In accordance with the Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act (10-130 through 10-139 of the State Government Article), the Workers' Compensation Commission (the Commission) is currently reviewing and evaluating the following chapters:
14.09.04     Guide for Evaluation of Permanent Impairment
 - 14.09.06     Local Office Requirements for Insurers

The purpose of the review and evaluation is to determine whether existing regulations continue to accomplish the purposes for which they were adopted, clarify ambiguous or unclear language, and repeal any obsolete or duplicative provisions.  Pursuant to its work plan, the Commission will evaluate the need to retain, amend, or repeal the regulations based on whether the regulations are:  Still necessary to the public interest; Drafted in a clear and understandable manner; Still supported by statutory authority and judicial opinions and consistent with federal regulations and other state regulations; Still effective in accomplishing the intended purpose of the regulations;   Obsolete, duplicative, or otherwise appropriate for amendment or repeal.

The Commission would like to provide interested parties with an opportunity to participate in the review and evaluation process by submitting comments on the regulations.  The comments may address any concerns about the regulations.  If the comments include suggested changes to the regulations, please be as specific as possible and provide language for the suggested changes. Comments must be received by March 1, 2013.     Comments should be directed to Amy S. Lackington, Regulations Coordinator, 10 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or by email to