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Reminder to Practitioners:

      Pursuant to COMAR, while the Employer/Insurer is charged with the responsibility of requesting medical records in a timely fashion, the Claimant is similarly charged with the responsibility of assisting the Employer/Insurer to secure such records in a timely manner. That responsibility includes providing the Employer/Insurer with a properly executed medical release for relevant medical records upon request. An acceptable medical release is available on our Forms & Instructions page or directly via this link: Authorization for Release of Medical Information.

Note that failure to provide a medical release upon request may cause a scheduled hearing to be postponed.

15 It is noted that some Internet map sites and GPS applications provide directions only to the primary corporate street address for our Abingdon Hearing Site, arriving at SAIC headquarters. Please note that the Commission's location is Suite E at the far left of 3465 Box Hill Corporate Center Drive. Updated directions and with photos of our site exterior are posted for clarity. We request that our customers do not inquire at other corporate suites for directions. Directional signs are located in the parking lot and our site is identified by white window lettering as noted on the provided photo.  Click here to access the PDF driving instructions.
12 All Monday, April 15, 2013 hearings are canceled to allow Commissioners and staff to attend funeral services for the mother of Commissioner Patricia G. Adams. Our Baltimore City office hours are as scheduled. Affected hearings will be rescheduled as soon as possible. The Commission extends its condolences to Commissioner Adams and her family at this difficult time.
5 In accordance with the Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act, the Workers' Compensation Commission is currently reviewing and evaluating COMAR 14.09.07 Uninsured Employer's Fund Claims and 14.09.08 Open Meetings.  A notice of Opportunity for Public Comment was published in the April 5, 2013 issue of the Maryland Register.  Details can also be found on the Regulatory Changes page.
4 Rehabilitation of Ullico Casualty Company and Workers' Compensation
The Commission will administratively postpone all scheduled hearings in which Ullico is the insurer.  There is no need for any party to file a request for continuance of hearing. DO NOT FILE ANY NEW ISSUES IN CASES WITH ULLICO UNTIL THE COMMISSION POSTS NOTICE ON ITS WEBSITE THAT THE RECEIVER HAS LIFTED OR MODIFIED THE STAY.

More information can be found in this FAQ document:
Questions and Answers Concerning the Rehabilitation of Ullico Casualty Company and Workers' Compensation
3 REMINDER TO PRACTITIONERS: Best Practices ' Use of Commission Subpoenas

Please be advised that pursuant to Labor & Employment Article 9-311, Commission subpoenas may be used only to compel a witness to attend, give testimony and produce documents or records at a Commission hearing or, in very limited cases, at deposition (a deposition may only be taken to perpetuate testimony and not for discovery purposes). See Md. Code Ann., Labor & Empl. 9-719. See also Md. Rule 2-510.

As in the usual civil practice, a party may elect to permit the subject of the subpoena, particularly a custodian of records, to produce the subpoenaed documents or records to the requesting party prior to the scheduled hearing, and, thus, avoid compulsory attendance at the hearing. Such a request may be made by cover letter attached to the subpoena.

Parties are encouraged to use the mandatory medical authorization/release to obtain relevant medical records when possible.

With regard to a Subpoena of Medical Records, practitioners must comply with Health General Article 4-306 and give notice to the patient of an intent to subpoena medical records and provide a copy of the subpoena. If there is any dispute or objection to the production of the medical records, an Objection (WCC Form H-08/OTS) must be filed with the Commission no later than 30 days from the date of Notice.
Updated forms are posted on Forms & Instructions page.