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Notices Archive: Calendar Year 2002

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December 2002

December 17, 2002 Open Meeting is cancelled, WCC & State Offices are closed 12/15/02 and 01//01/03, Calendar 2003 Comp Rates are posted, Nelson Newman - WCC Mail Center tribute.

November 2002The MD Workers' Compensation Commission and State offices are closed for Election Day, Tuesday, November 5; Veterans' Day, November 11; Thanksgiving Holiday November 28-29, 2002.  The WCC WFMS Online Service is available, Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee RFP is released 11/22/02
October 2002Adobe  releases new Acrobat Reader 5.1 with new functions, WCC Attorney Registration procedures have changed, $25 one-time fee effective 10/02/02, A Tribute to Commissioner Richard Teitel, New Director for WCC Insurance Division
September 2002Maryland Workers' Compensation Educational Association Conference, Public Hearing to discuss the proposal to adopt amendments to Regulations .14 Hearings and .25 Schedule of Attorneys' Fees under COMAR 14.09.01 Procedural Regulations
August 2002Final action to adopt Regulations .07 under COMAR 14.09.01, Average Weekly Wage, .01 and .23 under COMAR 14.09.01, Procedural Regulations, and .01 and .02 under COMAR 14.09.06, Local Office Requirements for Insurers, Mileage Reimbursement increase, COLA Increase.
July 2002Commission dockets are cancelled for Tuesday, July 2, 2002; Forms: Request for Employer Designee to Receive... (H23R) Revised, Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee
June 2002Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee update, Counsel for Insurers/Self-Insureds, Hand Delivered documents

May 2002

Baltimore City Hearing Room numbers will be on Hearing Notices. Public Hearing on May 9, 2002.

April 2002

Public Meeting May 9, 2002 to discuss proposed regulatory changes.  Claimants in adjacent States: hearings located at nearest WCC site effective June 2002.  Medical Fee Guide Revision  Committee recesses pending benchmark study.

March 2002

Medical Fee Guide Revision Committee page available:  CLICK HERE .  March 20th Annapolis hearings moved to Heritage Office Complex, New Form: Request for Designee to Receive Notice of Employee Claims, H23R: 03/06/02.

February portal, AudioVisual equipment in Baltimore City, MD WCC Medical Fee Guide 4% Increase reminder

January 2002

Revisited: Issues filed prior to Consideration Date,  Baltimore City curbside access