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Insurer Delegate information

Online WebForms information

Insurer subscribers to WFMS Online Services must be the registered INSURER DESIGNEE provided to the Commission via the approved means, see (Insurer Designee info for complete information, instructions and to access the online Designee Add/Update page).  Each Insurer Designee (ID) is sent a registration email invitation for Online Services when their information is entered via the ID online application.  There is no Online Services application for Insurer; no one may be a WFMS Insurer who is not the Insurer Designee provided by the insurance carrier.

Any change in your contact information (the Insurer Designee/WFMS subscribed Insurer) must be entered via the Insurer Designee update link accessed from the Insurer Designee Info page link above.
Please contact prior making any changes in the Insurer Designee for your company.

  • Access to claim-related documents and WebForms is based upon the INDIVIDUAL subscriber's Insurer appearance as a party in each claim.

  • Every subscriber must have a UNIQUE (to the individual subscriber) and valid email address that MUST be accessible to receipt of WFMS Websupport emails (

  • The posted online Terms of Service agreement outlines acceptable and prohibited activity and may be changed or updated at any time when needed.  A subscriber MAY NOT under any circumstances share their username or password with anyone else, including support staff or co-workers.

  • For security purposes all subscriber activity is logged (including IP address) and all information transmitted is encrypted.

  • Results of claim information and claim document inquiries are printable from the WFMS Document Viewer/browser in Internet Explorer.  Each subscriber is responsible for the privacy and security of all content once presented on their personal computer (PC).

  • Access to WFMS services is a premium/privilege.  Adherence to all terms and policies are required to qualify for and maintain active status.  NO WFMS subscriber may share or divulge their individual access credentials with anyone.

  • When suspended or revoked, no subscriber may submit an application for or otherwise obtain a new subscription. Each subscriber is permitted only one subscription and must abide by all posted rules, terms and policies.

  • Revoked subscribers must contact WFMS web support at in order to request reactivation.

  • Password resets via the automated password reset adjacent the log-in window are available to subscribers who are Active or Suspended.  The reset information is emailed to your registered email address (there is no option to send this information to an email address unknown to Online Services).  If your status is Revoked or you did not maintain your contact information to include a current email address, please contact WFMS Websupport with complete details of your problem via email to

Insurer Delegate subscriptions
Active WFMS-subscribed Insurers have the option of selecting "Insurer Delegates" - administrative or support staff - to access claim information, documents and file available forms.  The Insurer subscriber is responsible for authorizing and providing basic support for their Delegates.  The Insurer Delegate must complete the appropriate online application, selecting the "Insurer Delegate" application from those available.  The Insurer simply adds the registered email address on their Delegate Insurer page.

 Insurers may not designate another WFMS subscriber (e.g. Insurer, Attorney) as an Insurer Delegate delegate; however a subscribed Insurer Delegate may be selected by and act for multiple subscribed Insurers.  An Insurer Delegate has access to claim documents, excluding non-public information, in those claims where the Insurer is a party and they may file appropriate forms for the Insurer.   An Insurer Delegate MUST use their individual subscription (user name/password) to access Online Services; they CANNOT use another subscriber's subscription/login.

Five (5) Delegates are available by default and up to 30 Insurer Delegates may be available for authorization by each Insurer; Insurer Delegates may not approve other Delegates nor affect an Insurer's Delegate listing in any way.   Any request for Delegates in excess of the default five (5) requires a written justification and administrative approval.  The request may be emailed to:

Insurer Delegate subscriptions bear the same rules of conduct as other subscribers.  They must have a unique email address and profile information.  Subscribed Insurers are responsible in all cases for the activities of their Delegates while logged on to WFMS and are culpable to the extent of suspension or termination of access for violations of the Online Terms of Service agreement. 
Insurers authorizing a Delegate are responsible for selecting/adding or deleting them from their Insurer Delegate list.  A Delegate application provides NO access to WFMS services until a subscribed Insurer personally enters the subscribed Insurer Delegate via their "Add Delegate" menu button on their Delegate List page.  The subscribed insurer must maintain and/or terminate a Delegate if they are replaced or deleted from employment.  Subscribed Insurers authorize their Delegate(s) from their WFMS interface.  A Delegate may subscribe to WFMS via the online application, but they have no access until designation/selection by an active Insurer subscriber in good standing.

All subscribers must notify the WCC immediately of any violation of the Online User Services Agreement or WFMS security by any other party who may obtain possession of subscriber access information (user name/password).

*Note: If any Insurer Delegate works for more than one Insurer, they must assure via their Delegate Select page that they are submitting any form for the correct Insurer.  The Insurer should note this requirement to their Delegate(s).

All online WebForms require Formatta Filler software installation.

WCC WebForms are selected from a list of available forms and will require that the MD WCC Claim Number is input and the appropriate form is selected.  Filler will then launch the form to be completed.  If the wrong claim number is entered and the claim information displayed is not the one desired, close Filler and verify the Claim Number via the Claim Inquiry.

Online WebForms Instructions and Information page link.