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WFMS Subscriber eNotice Information  

The WFMS eNotice option allows eligible subscribers (currently Attorney) to choose to receive email notification of Commission Notices instead of receiving a paper copy via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).  The Notice appears in the list for 30 days from creation.  This service eliminates the waiting period for mailing/delivery of many common WCC Notices.  See below for current list of available WCC Notices.
eNotice can be activated only by the subscriber (Attorney) via the selection on their User Profile page as noted below.

Any additional questions not addressed in these instructions can be sent to us via email:


  • Hearing Notice
  • Emergency Hearing Request Hearing Notice
  • Grant or Deny Postponement


  • C30 - Notice of Claim
  • C40 - Notification to Insurer
  • Notice of Issue Filed
  • A19D - Notice of Withdrawn Issue(s)
  • C17 - Notification to Employer for Insurance Information


  • Notice Of Appeal Certification
  • Appeal Transmittal Letter
  • Notice Of Cross Appeal

Revisions to our eNotice service are substantial.  Instead of looking through multiple emails and hyperlinks for each Notice we now provide a view of thirty (30) calendar days of all Notices in your claims in a sortable list.  The list can be sorted by claim number, notice type or date "sent." or seached.  You have the option to view the last thirty (30) days of your Hearing Notices in one sorted list.

The listing is accessed from an eNotice "service button" in the Attorney's button menu.  Note that those not subscribed to eNotice will have no content in the list and once selected you will see only notices send from that date forward.

Email notification of activity in the eNotice listing is sent to subscribers but all have the added convenience of checking the listing during any Online Services session.
Image of the eNotice page

User profile

The option for eNotice is located on the USER PROFILE page for each eligible subscriber.  As with all Profile updates, the "Submit" button must be selected after a Notice Delivery status change. The Notice Delivery status can be reset by the subscriber at any time.  All notices are generated and dispatched, both printed and electronic, by WCC overnight data center processes.

Notices sent via eNotice will not be sent in hardcopy form; they will not be re-sent.  It is the responsibility of the subscriber to assure that their email address is correctly entered in their User Profile.  Please review the eNotice conditions and terms posted to the WFMS Terms of Use accepted by all subscribers.

eNotices can be sent when parties are listed in the claim.  If a party is not listed in the claim or the attorney has not entered their appearance, they cannot receive any WCC Notice in hardcopy or electronic form.  Only these parties have the eNotice option available.

When WFMS Websupport is notified of a failed email delivery attempt we will reset the subscriber's Notice Delivery status to "U.S. Postal Service Only".  If no failed delivery notification is generated, we cannot determine there is a problem.

If you normally receive a email receipt for WebForms submissions, eNotice should work for you.  If you DO NOT receive an email confirmation when you submit a WebForm, your mail server or ISP may have settings that conflict with WFMS email messages; please contact us via if you have concerns.

eNotice does not replace the Certification of Service requirement that all parties in a claim must be served with copies of any Commission form by the submitting party.

Email notification contains the WCC Claim Number, type of Notice and instructions as in the sampleabove.  The subscriber may access the document image via the single-use hyperlink contained in the email or login to WFMS to view the Notice via the document viewer as in a normal WFMS session.  The attorney can forward the information to any subscribed legal support staff (Attorney Proxy) to view the document from the claim document listing during a normal WFMS session, however the Attorney Proxy cannot use the hyperlink to access the document image as the link will prompt for the subscriber password.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 10:00 PM
To: Attorney, N.E.
Subject: WCC Form Notification

Dear N.E. Attorney,

A NOTICE-OF-CROSS-APPEAL was filed in your claim BXXXXXX and the claimant name is JOE CLAIMANT. Click on the link below to login and view this form / filing. You may only access a WFMS eNotice once via this link. This link expires after 30 days if not accessed. To later view any document or notice in a claim, please login and View Claim Documents for the specified WCC Claim as normally viewed using WFMS Online Services. All eNotices received are viewable in the claim document list. Please delete this email eNotice once the document is viewed.

In forms requiring a response, Formatta Filler must be installed on your PC. WFMS WebForm instructions can be found here: Instructions

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