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"NEW" Requirement


At the initial comprehensive assessment, a practitioner shall advise the disabled covered employee that:

(1) The practitioner's fees are paid by the employer/insurer; and

(2) The practitioner is an independent professional and shall render an opinion based solely on the facts and evidence in the case.


Subject to any applicable privilege, a practitioner shall notify all parties of any contact with or about the disabled covered employee,

whether that contact was in person, in writing, or made electronically.

Unless the disabled covered employee consents in writing, a practitioner may not be present during a medical examination.


With the written consent of the disabled covered employee, a practitioner may seek a healthcare provider's opinion following examination.

COMMENT: This provision applies to personal (telephonic, etc.) interactions with the healthcare provider following examination. The release (medical authorization) required under LE 9-709 to 711 is sufficient to obtain any written report or record generated by the healthcare provider concerning the injured body parts.

Regulations that have not changed

.05     Standards of Practice for Rehabilitation Counselors and Vocational Evaluators

.06     Complaints against Practitioners

.07     Procedures for Hearings on Complaints

“NEW” Enrollment of Provider

To enroll with the Commission, the provider shall submit:

(1) An application on the form prescribed by the Commission completed in accordance with the directions provided; and

(2) A complete listing of all registered practitioners employed by the provider.

(3) Term, Conditions and Renewal of Enrollment

     (1) Enrollment is valid for 2 years from the date of issuance.

     (2) The Commission shall provide each enrolled provider with a notice of renewal and a renewal application 30 days prior to the            expiration date of the current enrollment.

     (3) The enrolled provider shall return the application for renewal to the Rehabilitation Office by the specified deadline for renewal.

     (4) The enrolled provider shall update the list of registered practitioners employed by the provider semi-annually.

     (5) Unless a provider has enrolled with the Commission, a provider may not be eligible for referral under Regulation .09F of this chapter


Selection of Practitioner

  • A rehabilitation practitioner shall register with the Commission in accordance with Regulation .02 of this chapter.

  • To be eligible for referral under §F of this regulation, a provider shall enroll with the Commission in accordance with Regulation .08 of this chapter.

  • The Commission website shall provide information regarding enrolled providers including the name, address, website address, and telephone number of the provider.

  • A disabled covered employee may obtain vocational rehabilitation services only in accordance with this regulation.

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