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Vocational Rehabilitation

What has changed?

      Added new definitions

      Moved all vocational rehabilitation regulations into one comprehensive regulation COMAR 14.09.05

      Providers (Vocational Rehabilitation Companies) must enroll with Commission

      New procedures for referral by agreement or by order

      New procedures for referral if parties disagree that vocational rehabilitation is appropriate

      New practitioner selection method

      Clarification of what a vocational assessment may include

      Clarification of what is to be reported, to whom and when

      Identification of specific components of a vocational rehabilitation plan

      New process for agreeing/disagreeing with voc rehab plan

      New dispute procedures for vocational rehabilitation issues

      Consistent language (provider, practitioner, disabled covered employee)


OVERVIEW – 14.09.05


.01    Definitions


.02 --.03 (unchanged)


.04    General Rules for Vocational Rehabilitation Service Practitioners


.05    Standards of Practice for Rehabilitation Counselors and Vocational Evaluators


.06    Complaints against Practitioners


.07    Procedures for Hearings on Complaints


.08    Application Procedures for Enrollment of Providers


.09    Selection of Practitioner


.10    Assessment and Reporting


.11    Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Plans


.12    Disputes, Noncompliance and Termination



Overview of New VR Forms

VR01 (Proposed Rehabilitation Plan)
 COMAR (3)

VR03 (30 Day Provider Report)
 COMAR (1)

VR04 (Vocational Rehabilitation Dispute)

VR05 (Disputed Provider Selection)

VR06 (Voc Services Provider Agreement)

VR13 (Disagreement with Proposed Voc Rehab Plan)
 COMAR (2)

NOTE: The Initial Referral form-VR07-is no longer a requirement; therefore, has been taken from the website