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Definitions – COMAR

Three to Learn:
Practitioner, Provider, Enrolled Vocational Rehabilitation Organization

COMAR (11)
(11) Provider
(a) "Provider" means the enrolled vocational rehabilitation organization that provides vocational rehabilitation services to a claimant through       a registered vocational rehabilitation practitioner.

(b) "Provider" includes the Maryland State Department of Education Division of rehabilitation Services ("DORS").
COMAR (13)
“Rehabilitation practitioner” means an individual who provides vocational rehabilitation services including:
(a) A nurse certified by the State Board of Nursing as a nurse case manager;

(b) A rehabilitation counselor; and

(c) A vocational evaluator.


“Enrolled vocational rehabilitation organization” means an organization or company that:
(a) Employs, or has working on its behalf, at least one registered vocational rehabilitation practitioner; and

(b) Has enrolled with the Commission.
Clarity of roles
Practitioner is:

The person who actually provides the services to the disabled covered employee

Provider is:

The organization that provides services through a practitioner

Other Useful Definitions:


"Retraining plan" means a plan for providing the disabled covered employee with educational and vocational training and may include on-the-job training.

"Self-employment plan" means a business plan for self-employment that identifies the skills, experience and expertise necessary to manage the business, and may include a complete business description, an organization plan, owner/operator qualifications, a marketing plan supported by factual information concerning the demand for products or services, income projections, a sound start-up financial plan, financial resources needed to start the business, and a contingency plan in the event the self-employment plan targets are not met.

"Job placement" means services provided to support the disabled covered employee's search for work including, but not limited to, identifying job leads, arranging interviews, teaching techniques for effective job searches, resume writing, interviewing and job application completion.

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