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Maryland Workers' Compensation Vocational Rehabilitation Workshop

  1. Vocational Rehabilitation Benefit: Vocational rehabilitation benefits include services provided directly to a client with the intent of returning a client to suitable gainful employment.

  2.  Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners: medical case managers coordinating medical rehabilitation services, rehabilitation counselors, and vocational evaluators providing vocational rehabilitation services whether 'on-site, telephonic, or in or out of state', are listed as vocational rehabilitation practitioners. Physical therapists and occupational therapists that provide functional evaluations also fall under the category of a Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluators.

  3.  Rules for Vocational Rehabilitation Service Practitioners 'COMAR 14.09.04

    1.  Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners must look at what is in the best interest of the disabled covered employee ' each individual whether he/she are represented or not represent should have the same treatment.

The vocational rehabilitation practitioner (VRP) is at all times responsible for to exercising independent professional judgments when providing and recording recommendations for medical/vocational rehabilitation for a disabled covered employee. It should be without undue influence from outside parties such as the employer/insurer or the claimant or their attorneys.

Rehabilitation practitioners shall exercise independent and professional judgment when performing an assessment or developing a vocational rehabilitation plan.

Rehabilitation practitioners are independent professionals and therefore shall render an opinion based solely on the facts and evidence in the case.
Rehabilitation practitioners must tell the disabled covered employee who he/she is working for, who is paying their fee for service.

A rehabilitation practitioner's professionalism must never be in question; the practitioner should treat each disabled covered employee with respect and dignity.

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