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Suggested Vocational Rehabilitation Guidelines:

  • Be cognizant of all parties involved in the medical recovery process, especially the disabled covered employee and their family. Include goals and timeframes when creating the care plan, and allow for updates as needed.

  •  Determine what is needed for successful return to work, especially from both the employer and employee's perspective.

  •  Provide client advocacy and support at all times, and provide input and guidance on treatment services'BE A LIAISON BETWEEN PARTIES including the Commissioner/Judge.

  •  Educate all parties, especially employer, whenever possible on the positive and cost-effective aspects of return to work programs and processes.

  •  Always obtain and maintain appropriate releases of information prior to beginning case management services.

  • Understand that there are many players in the case management process, but that your main client should always be the disabled covered employee; however do not become emotionally involved with the injured worker or the case.

  •  Always identify clearly your role as a case manager to the employee at the start of the relationship.


  •  Give legal advice at any time.

  •  Withhold information crucial to RTW success.

  •  Perpetuate disability by failing to address doctor recommendations, health concerns, or return-to-work issues in a timely fashion.

  •  Assume that you have an absolute right to attend all doctors' appointments despite client wishes against it.

  •  Provide legal direction to the claims adjuster, or engage in claims investigative or adversarial activities.


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