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OCTOBER 2011 Notices     Go back to Current Notices
The Commission and Maryland State offices are closed Monday, October 10th in observance of Columbus Day.  We will open for business at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.
27 Our Online Dockets report is updated to a new "live data" platform.  The new the link on our Schedules page provides a "real time" or actual listing of scheduled hearing details by location, Commissioner and claim for a two (2) week period from the current date.  This is the same format and layout as has been provided in recent years as PDF and XLS file downloads.   See it now.
24 The Maryland Worker's Compensation Commission form Employer's First Report of Injury must be mailed to the Commission
and a copy must also be sent to the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, Division of Labor and Industry MOSH Research and Statistics.
Their new address for this report is:

Division of Labor and Industry
MOSH Research and Statistics
10946 Golden West Drive Suite 160
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Members of the workers' compensation community are invited to attend a brief ceremony on Thursday, November 17, 2011, at 2:45 p.m. in the fourth floor lobby of the Workers' Compensation Commission at 10 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.  The Maryland Workers' Compensation Educational Association (MWCEA) will unveil a new addition to the Alfred M. Porth Memorial Award (located in the lobby), dedicated to the Award's most recent recipient, Bernard J. Sevel, of the law firm Arnold Sevel & Gay, P.A.''

The Alfred M. Porth Memorial Award was established by the MWCEA in 2001 to honor select members of the workers' compensation community for outstanding commitment to the fair and honest administration of the Maryland workers' compensation system.  The Award is named for Alfred M. Porth (1916-1992), with the law firm of Smith, Somerville & Case and one of the foremost practitioners of Maryland workers' compensation law.


Please note that some electronically filed issues are automatically processed daily (after the form is submitted). Requests for withdraw of issues are also automatically processed daily and our data systems are updated nightly. Therefore, it is important that once you withdraw issues in a claim that you wait overnight (until the next business day) before filing new issues in the same case.

Issues status can also be easily checked via our Online Services Hearing Issues inquiry, available to Online Services subscribers or via the Public Claim Data Inquiry.